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 We the People 
Friday, October 27 2006

October 10, 2006

Dramatic Developments
For Right-To-Petition

Court of Appeals Hears Oral Arguments,
WTP Files Motion For Injunctive Protection


"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown"
       - William Shakespeare,
Henry IV  (Act III, Scene I)

'Tis nothing truer this week following a series of dramatic events regarding the Right to Petition that are so exceptional and moving they could be experienced as a dramatic play - the drama of the making of our own history.

Unfortunately this drama is for real. It is the People who, as protagonist, act upon their divinely illuminated character.  The servant of the People - their government - plays the antagonist.  The conflict is sharp, prolonged and injurious, and travels to lands where the Law can only find resolution in favor of the People. Upon the stage of engagement tenaciously hangs the backdrop of the Constitution.

Freedom is the prize to be seized or lost, Liberty the fire which drives the heart. When the curtain finally falls, the outcome will, win or lose - and for better or worse, forever determine the fate of the nation and its People.  

This is our unfolding drama.  It is nothing less than the irrepressible conflict, the perpetual and unavoidable confrontation between men and their servant governments seeking to grasp and zealously enjoy the fruits of Sovereignty, but which (unfortunately for the Government), are the Natural, and unalienable Right of the People.   

The events of the last several weeks, focusing squarely upon our exercise of the First Amendment Petition for Redress of Grievance have exposed an artful, insolent principle by which our government has acted against not only the People, but against Nature itself.  

Our government has been bared in public, their words to read, their voices to be heard, clamoring deceitfully that it can operate without constitutional restraint and without judicial review unless it waives, by law, what it says is its "sovereign immunity."  

As we have reported, our landmark lawsuit for a declaration of the Rights of the People under the Petition Clause of the First Amendment has, after two years reached the United States Court of Appeals in Washington DC. The matter was fully briefed by May, 2006.

In its Response Brief to the Court, the Government argued first and foremost that because the Government did not waive its "sovereign immunity," the Court had no jurisdiction to hear our case. In our Reply Brief, we argued that sovereign immunity was a myth that certainly could not apply to Constitutional questions such as ours.

This past week culminated in two profound events stemming from the landmark Right-to-Petition lawsuit: the submission of a Motion for Injunction against the Government to protect those supporting the Right to Petition process, and public oral arguments were held before the Court of Appeals.

In the Motion for Injunction, the People have documented a far-reaching and systemic program of legal and administrative abuse by the Government against the Plaintiffs (and others supporting the WTP Foundation) that amounts to nothing less than criminal obstruction of justice.  Additionally, in its public oral arguments, the Government committed itself further to its ostentatious contention that it is does not have to answer to the People and that the People have no legal jurisdiction to sue it. 

These momentous events, ushered to the Court of Appeals by the We The People Foundation, mark a clear turning point in the historical drama to secure the Right to Petition and repel the escalating encroachments upon our Liberty by our own government.

With the hand of Providence and the annals of history on our side, the day of our vindication may finally be within sight.


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The Battle for Liberty and
Our Constitution Has Just Begun
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