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 Asleep at the Wheel 
Asleep At The Wheel
Is it possible that the Mexican boarder issue is being encouraged and even planned by both Mexico and the Bush group?  Is this their way of forcing NAFTA upon us ... making one nation of Mexico, US and Canada?  Once we are so overrun by illegals, it will be very difficult to separate ourselves and what the heck, let's all be one. And let's put the tab for all this on the Americans and push them into more debt, bankruptcy and homelessness.
Of course, what comes with this plan is the dropping of the Constitution and the bill of rights to be replaced by a new set of rules I'm sure have already been drafted.  Say goodbye to your rights and accept a few privilages if you are a good servant.  Perhaps it's time to awaken to the real agenda.  Weaken the US economy (ship jobs oversees, bring in low paying help and spend us into deeper debt on an oil war).  All this is happening under the "gov created" fear of terrorism.  Just who are the terrorists of this world?  What is their long term objective?  Total domination?  What follows Fascism...  Fuedalism... Police State?  No private ownership... serfs of the state?
Here is a Hispanic's viewpoint:

Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2006 9:29 PM
Subject: FW: Asleep at the wheel ! 



Subject: Asleep at the wheel


This is from a Hispanic who lives in Texas.  He's had a column in the Fort Worth Star Telegram and as you can see, expresses himself very well.




     I can almost assure you that everyone who is a true American was sickened when you saw multitudes of protesters carrying Mexican flags protesting the new Immigration Reform Bill in the Senate. This display of Mexican flags should give you a heads up on where these protesters allegiance lies their hearts are in Mexico and their bellies are in the United States.
     As an American of Mexican Heritage I want to set the record straight, American Hispanics are not all thrilled with illegal immigration.  I, for more than 20 years, tried desperately to bring this national debacle to the attention of the American people.  I had the privilege of writing for several newspapers, appeared on national and local TV and radio programs, and was asked by many political groups to address this serious problem affecting my former community
(north Fort Worth), city, state, and our country.  Many will question how I can speak on this subject with some authority.  My simple answer is: I lived with the problem!  Trust me, it was no picnic.  Never in my life (I'm 68) had I witnessed the lawlessness, the deterioration of my community, and the black market criminal underground activities attributed to the influx of illegal immigrants. 

  To add injury to insult, politicians soon caved in to the many demands of illegal immigrants. Notably: bilingual education, bilingual ballots, welfare aid, free medical care, etc. Through all this national disgrace allowed by our politicians, have you all noticed that no one ever blames the useless, corrupt, and disgraceful government of Mexico?  In contrast, they
lambaste and criticize our country.  How does that grab you?

     When I addressed the dangers of our porous border between Mexico and the United States, and the lax security of our nation, no one paid attention. As I observed the situation, the problem was perceived to be between American Hispanic communities and illegal immigrants. White Americans it seemed assumed that the problem was not theirs to deal with.  In other words they were, asleep at the wheel.  However, 9-11 soon woke them up. Lets be honest with each other here, white Americans vote in far larger numbers than Hispanics do. And most politicians (Democrats and Republicans) in our
city, state, and federal governments are white.  Thus, who is more suited to fix this national disaster?  I'm sure most of you know what the answer is.

     In summation, I'm pleading with white American voters to join me in sending our politicians (Democrats and Republicans) a strong message that we will not tolerate illegal immigrants telling us how to make government policy that will make it easier for them to break our laws.  Hope you will join me in this endeavor in our upcoming elections.


James H. Reza
4204 Grand Lake
Lake Worth, Texas 76135


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