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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 216 
Ascension 216 
Select One 1) Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America 2) [VLOG 59] OUR BODY ELEMENTAL IS INITIATED INTOTHE 5TH DIMENSION 3) H.R. video update: Lab expansion, real video, counterthink and more 4) Voter poll: No 'Dreamer' deal without immigration cuts 5) Baby Alfie executed by lethal injection 6) The 1st University in the U.S. to Become Carbon Neutral 7) Harry Reid Called Out 8) Sheldan Nidle Update~5-1-18 9) Over a million young children now on psych drugs in America 10) Caravan will stay? End broken asylum laws! 11) Shocking Of What Is Being Taught To Our Children 12) Federal Judge RIPS Mueller's Team, Accuses Them Of ‘Lying 13) Sessions takes charge over Southern border 14) THRIVE II: THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES! 15) DACA Dispute Rages At The U.S.-Mexican Border And In Washington 16) Adams reveals the "7 walls" of your mental prison 17) 7 Truths about growing older 18) BEN CRYSTAL 19) The Feminization Of American Boy Scouts 20) Trump introduces 'Space Force' Idea Again for US Military 21) Multiculturalism Umbrella: Islam Manufactured Wool 22) Insanity: Clear-cutting old growth forests in the name of "green energy" 23) What does one TRILLION dollars look like? 24) A Saul Message ~ It's all about change! 25) Monsanto-Bayer merger to destroy medical marijuana industry? 26) Peace of Mind by Lord Buddha 27) No One Wants To Talk About This And Health Care Costs 28) Robert Mueller's Sordid History Of Illicitly Targeting Innocent People 29) NY Attorney General Schneiderman assaulted, abused, threatened to kill women - report 30) MOTHER MARY AND THE MYSTICAL MONTH OF MAY 31) Preparing for the shifts...Message from Saint Germaine 32) Well Johnny What Did You Learn At School Today? 33) Disarmed Countries - What Do They Look Like? 34) Organic certification revealed in new interview 35) Booming Offshore Wind to Power American Jobs 36) Are You Lost in Your Religion? 37) Red Alert: Amnesty Threat -- Only 7 more Republicans needed to pass amnesty-only bill! 38) USDA incinerates kittens in ovens as "science experiments" 39) Stormy Daniels Belonged To Clinton-Linked Sex Cult ‘NXIVM' 40) Urge Rep. Henry Johnson not to join amnesty effort 41) GOP Leaders can snuff amnesty threat in House 42) is the answer to YouTube censorship 43) ENERGY // CONTAMINATION // CAREER 44) Mueller's Politically Charged Corruption And Partisan Special Counsel 45) Trump Is Winning For We The People 46) Who Is A Muslim? 47) "Q Anon: Expect Huge Avalanche" by Sierra (NZ) 48) CDC caught defrauding taxpayers 49) TREES HOLD WISDOM 50) Restored Republic GCR Update May 14 2018

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