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 WHO Blasts CODEX 


Dr. Laibow is still in Rome, and she is busy working almost day and night, networking with important people in the CODEX scene and making sure she comes back to America with a fuller rolodex. The rolodex will be used for the work to protect your health freedom from threats like CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. The Natural Solutions Foundation (where Dr. Laibow is Medical Director and which sponsors, is going to build a network to protect health freedom. More about the home-front when she returns next week.

Right now, let's share
some really good news with you. Beware that you wont hear about this in the mainstream press, as these are first-hand observations by Dr. Laibow as an observer of the actual CODEX meeting. The mainstream press is rather silent about CODEX and completely mute about the true motivations behind it (the true motivations behind CODEX ALIMENTARIUS have nothing to do with "consumer protection" and everything to do with industry profits).


WHO Admonishes CODEX in Rome!


There is an astounding occurence to report from Rome: the World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization (the parent-organizations of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS) do not appear to be happy about the performance of CODEX in relation to nutrition. The WHO has (unexpectedly) admonished the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission to be careful about how it proceeds in terms of nutrition. WHO and FAO have ordered CODEX ALIMENTARIUS to implement the pro-health WHO guidelines on nutrition.

Implementation of the WHO guidelines could thwart the anti-nutrition ambition  of CODEX!

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Laibow's blog to explain the situation:

"The CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission (CAC) finished its 28th Commission meeting with the development of an extraordinary opportunity for us, the advocates of health and health choice. Our liklihood of success was magnified many fold by the intervention of the WHO in conjunction with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) when they stated their dissatisfaction with the failure of the CODEX process and CAC to make any significant contribution to human health over the 42 years of its existence."

Dr. Laibow continues:


"WHO Undersecretary for Food Safety, Karen Leitner, made the observation to the entire CAC body that CODEX had not done very much to promote health."


Dr. Laibow summarizes the situation as follows:


"WHO and FAO ordered the CAC to implement their health-oriented "Global Strategy" and demanded that CAC make a contribution to global health either by reformatting the 2 committees which have a logical connection to nutrition (including the one chaired by the anti-nutrition Dr. Rolf Grossklaus) or creating a new structure, a Task Force on Nutrition."

Continue reading about this exciting development and find out how the WHO Undersecretary literally scathed the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission right on the meeting floor!

WHO appears to be on the side of health freedom, and this is tremendous news. Now, we must not get lazy. We need your help to take advantage of this opportunity, and to find out how you can help, please click here.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow, Wednesday at 7pm EST, on to listen to live Internet radio broadcast from Rome, with Dr. Laibow discussing the latest CODEX news. Lots of good news for health freedom to share with you!

And please continue supporting us with your donations. We are starting to get a nice flow of donations because a lot of people are seeing the value in supporting us for the sake of their own health freedoms. However, more is needed. So please donate this time if you haven't already (repeat donations are appreciated too).

Yours in Health and Freedom,

The Team

IMPORTANT: There is incorrect information circulating the Internet that CODEX is not a threat to health freedom anymore, and instead, FTAA/CAFTA are the new kids on the block to be dealt with. CODEX itself is a threat to health freedom and any information saying otherwise is not fully accurate. For more about this situation, read this.


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