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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


Green Patriot Radio
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Quantum Energetics
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Spiritual Updates
Hello God
Conscious Media Network
Bringers of the Dawn
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JFK II Assassination

Co-Housing    National Site

Aged LLCs

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Wayne Dyer & Bruce Lipton

Metatron Minutes

Finish Strong

Tools for Freedom

IRS Resource

Devvy Kidd

Admiralty Law

Article 13

Original 13th Amendment  

Missing 13th Amendment

We the People Radio

Find Law

Suprynowicz Speaks Up

Light Lawyer

G. Edward Griffin      

Just Energy Radio

Government Compliance

Free Market News Network

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Conscious Media Network

Mortgage vrs Deed of Trust States

100 Years of Uniform Laws

Common Law Judicial Reform Movement

DOE Watch                           Health and political insights

Real News Reporting            Unfiltered reporting

Family Guardian                    Activism, Law, Politics, Spirituality

The Master Key System        Bring abundance into your life.

The Secret                            The Secret - purchase the movie

View The Secret                 The Secret - view the movie

Open Secrets                        Political truths

Financial Sense                    Financial sense articles

High Alert Editorials              Financial and political editorials

TruFax                                   Waking up from the Trance

August Review

Online Journal

What Really Happened


Global Research

Another Day

Counter Punch

Joel Skousen

Privacy Rights               Phone privacy

David Icke                      Unfiltered news

Call to Decision              Political views on many topics

9/11 Video                      What happened on that tragic day?

The Bush Record           Bush Administration Wrongdoing

Fitzgerald Probe             Trillion Dollar Heist

Propaganda Matrix         World News

Flight 77                         Missing Flight 77

Winning in Court             Know your rights

Hear Liberty                    Audio News

Original 13th Amendment

Law Research Group      Unfiltered News

Want to Know                 Unfiltered News

Tapeworm Econ             The Politics of Money

Restore Our Land         Reverse Supreme Court Ruling

Invisible Contracts       

Mind Trek                      Freedom Info

Rep Ron Paul Articles  Freedoms to Gain

Lew Rockwell                Freedoms Lost

Jon Rappoport             No more fake news

Net Center                     Unfiltered News

J.A.I.L.                           Judicial Accountability

JFK                                JFK vrs the Federal Reserve

HAARP                           Do angels play the harp?

Wilderness Pubs           Investigative News 

PROMIS                          Big Brother Control Mechanism

Mysteries of the Mind    Alex Merklinger's radio

Free Internet Press       Unfiltered Internet News

The Artic Beacon             Unfiltered Internet News


Lost Horizons                 Crack the Internal Revenue Code

Asset Protection                Privacy, Protection, Asset Management



   How & Why the Federal Reserve was Conceived
    "The Creature From Jekyll Island"  (audio - wait while loading) 

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Freedom Resource Center