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 AIDS - Made in USA? 


AIDS, Made in America

The Constant Gardener movie impels Canadian AIDS researcher to tell the real story on AIDS in AFRICA, Made in America.                                               


Donald W. Scott, M.A., M.Sc. on his retirement as President of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation has chosen this time during the distribution of Constant Gardener, the movie to issue a profound statement on the etiology of the AIDS virus.

Professor Scott is an expert on the subject of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and related neuro-systemic degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Crohn's-colitis and Alzheimer's

          Professor Scott's statement on AIDS,
September 21, 2005

For ten years I, as the President of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, have led the study of the emergence of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)  from a scientific and socio-political perspective.  Our not-for-profit Foundation has established that this terrible plague is clearly the product of a conscious effort to reduce the population of certain Third World countries so that the natural resources of these countries may be more readily available to Western industrial nations. The evidence is compelling and is largely available if it is looked for in government sources and the scientific literature.

The initiating co-factors of the syndrome are a retrovirus derived from the ‘visna-maedi-rida' (scrapie) retrovirus of sheep and an immune system suppressant derived from the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of the zoonotic disease bacterium known as brucella abortus

The principal vector for the initial diffusion of these co-factors was the smallpox vaccine used in the campaign of the World Health Organization under the direction of Donald A
. Henderson, M.D., formerly Dean, School of Hygiene and Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University from 1968 to 1978.

The ‘scrapie' co-factor was developed by scientists who based their initial efforts upon the work of Dr. Bjorn Sigurdsson of Iceland; while the immune suppressing bacterial DNA particle (now known as the mycoplasmal species fermentans) was based upon the research of Dr. Robert Huebner and carried forward at the Wistar Institute of Philadelphia under Dr. Hilary Koprowski and at Tulane University under Dr. Alton Ochsner. The Mycoplasma fermentans was grown on monkey kidneys with Tulane utilizing the kidneys of the rhesus monkey and Wistar utilizing the kidneys of the chimpanzee.

Co-incident with the work of Dr
. Koprowski under the cover of polio vaccine research, Dr. Friedrich ("Fritz") Deinhardt conducted research on hepatitis vaccines at Wistar.

This two-path culture of the pathogens led to the development of two species of disease: HIV-1 and HIV -2
.  The former was principally disseminated in British, French, and Belgium colonies of Africa and the latter principally disseminated in Portuguese colonies and in Brazil. The laboratory work was done in the United States, Belgium and Portugal.

The ‘monkey kidney' basis of the cultured pathogen led to the use of ‘MK' as part of the CIA code for the program, including MKDELTA with the ‘delta' alluding to the work being done at Tulane and at the Delta Regional Primate Center in New Orleans and the Louisiana State Agricultural Farm outside New Orleans
. It was at the latter facility that the sheep virus was passaged through cattle to create the bovine visna virus, an antecedent to the human HIV.

The mycoplasma fermentans co-factor alone is readily spread by insect vector, aerosol, food contamination (principally cows' milk) and in many vaccines and is an important factor in many of the neuro-systemic degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn's-colitis, Alzheimer's, diabetes type one, new variant brucellosis (a
.k.a. chronic fatigue syndrome [CFS] and fibromyalgia [FM]) whose incidence has been increasing exponentially since the laboratory isolation of the mycoplasma  in crystalline form from its bacterial antecedent..

The retroviral co-factor requires the exchange of body fluids, including blood and semen, or vaccines for its spread

The Common Cause Medical Research Foundation has initiated the Sudbury Study to continue its research and to publicize the tragic reality of AIDS and CFS and the dramatic increase in the related diseases, and their spread by vaccines, food-chain contamination and aerosol diffusion
. The participation of all concerned individuals and organizations is invited.

Eileen Dannemann, the director of NCOW comments, "Now, in light of the Truth, in unity we must do something to transform the matter"
.  The forces behind Africa's ongoing degeneration are global government's complicity with the biopharmaceuticals and the biotechnology Industry led by the United States under US Monsanto's tightly held patents.  Africa is not only earmarked as the biopharmaceutical laboratory for world science but it is slowly being converted into a major agribusiness biotech resource. Dannemann says, "Biopharm and agricultural biotechnology is not a legitimate science as it claims to be but a capitalistic, profit driven, marketing madness by certain world powers for global dominance." "Private ownership of the world food supply is a mind boggling resource for the United States.  She adds, "I will tell you of our ace in the deck.if biopharmaceuticals and biotechnology with their plan to genetic engineering our world's food, vitamin and drug supplies through cutting up the pie at CODEX under the banner of "science" and "safety" then the world nations must demand a scientific "control group" as required in the scientific method and rigorous scientific standard."  The realization is crystallizing that the full investment in biotechnology by the United States is a national security risk.  And for the globe, it is an apocalyptic destiny point. "Africa, she points out, is the biblical origin point of humanity, an isolated continent. We must position Her as a "safe island", the biotech industry control group, funded by the biotech interests, "It is their experiment. It is their responsibility", quoted Dannemann.  It is likely that this new world paradigm of high risk, greed driven food/vitamin/drug technology may usher in a global agricultural holocaust.  We must take a precautionary stance.    We invite the world to support a Campaign for a Sustainable Africa.                  The complete journal can be downloaded at                 Dr. Scott can be reached at 705-670-0180. 

Eileen Dannemann
Director, National Coalition of Organized Women
917 804-0786

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