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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 196 
Ascension 196 
Select One 1) Activate Your Resurrection Codes 2) California=Windfall tax on retirement income 3) NFL players union partners with George Soros to bankroll anti-Trump 'resistance' 4) Paul Stramer personal blog 5) IF TRUMP DOESN'T TAKE CLINTON DOWN, WE WILL' 6) Soros Paid NFL Discord 7) Amazing Empathy Of Our President Trump And First Lady 8) Leftists Despicably Use Vegas Massacre For Agenda 9) NFL's Double Indiscretion: Plunder The Taxpayer, Then Kneel In Disrespect 10) Fire, Indict And Prosecute Political Hack Robert Mueller 11) Paul Stramer personal blog 12) A doctor's point of view on the Vegas victims- shooting. Saying all actors!! Oct 7th 2017 13) VP Mike Pence is a GOOD MAN 14) Why nobody trusts the FBI, plus full video on Bone Broth lab testing 15) SEEKING PEACE FROM WITHIN ~ Message from ArchAngel Michael 16) You are Light, you are Love, you are Free! A Message from Saul 17) Forensic acoustic analysis proves a second shooter (blanks) in Vegas 18) Tell Congress to support WH immigration principles 19) Trump to Begin Secret Space Program Disclosure by use of Space Weapons against North Korea? 20) Vegas shooter's amazing ten suitcases 21) Airline uniforms lab tested, plus forensic acoustic video released 22) Tax Law Changes For NFL, President Trump Done Playing Games 23) VLOG] YOU ARE HERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE 24) Sheldan Nidle Update~10-10-2017~a new era is at hand 25) Information mind control: directed confusion 26) Many Gifts from Creator 27) The Hate-America Death Squad 28) Full interview released: Dr. Steven Greer of Sirius Disclosure explains "cosmic false flag" 29) Cruise Newsletter plus Hurricane Update 30) Prime Creator of Light 10-11-17 31) Hugs 32) MAINSTREAM the Movie 33) A Time to Kneel 34) UBUNTU PARTY 35) Hollywood implodes as Weinstein, Affleck now face avalanche of accusations 36) "GM Believes in an ALL ELECTRIC FUTURE" 37) Some movement on visa reforms (CNN & Reuters report) 38) Nancy Pelosi calls Trump's immigration principles "Un-American" 39) President Trump Signs Executive Order for Healthcare 40) Todays Gifts from Prime Creator of Light 41) The medical holocaust no one wants to expose 42) NN warnings about Big Pharma now going mainstream, plus update on FBI and Vegas 43) Vegas shooting: witnesses' cell phones wiped clean 44) Open Letter To The NFL Players 45) Today's Gift from Prime Creator 46) Breaking News from the Supreme Court, Media is Silent 47) Today the United States Supreme Court issued a final blow to the Islamic Indoctrination in this nation 48) Ole visits NYC 49) Vegas mysteries pile up 50) Harvey Clinton, I mean Bill Weinstein

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