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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 209 
Ascension 209 
Select One 1) Train with Congressmen Sabotaged 2) Six Republicans That Hillary Had Bribed To 'Destroy Trump'! 3) DACA negotiations in a stalemate 4) Important of Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse 5) Vaccine "deep state" attempts to murder kidney doctor, she survives 6) Democrats Cheer Republican Train Crash 7) The most insane human body "recycling" story you'll see this year 8) Tell Your Senators Visa Lottery & Chain Migration Must be Part of DACA Deal! 9) Ashtar and Sananda for February 5, 2018 10) [New post] Truth News Headlines Evening February 5, 2018 11) Tell Rep. Henry Johnson to support H.R 4760! 12) Stock market plunge is deep state attack on America 13) [$80,000 Matching Fund Announced] -- Senate taking up immigration NEXT WEEK? 14) Keanu Reeves: We're About to Break Free from "The Matrix" 15) Expose Monsanto for deliberate PCB poisoning 16) WHO'S TO BLAME ? 17) Call & Tell Congress NO increases in H-2B visas 18) 4 your viewing Awakening 19) Senate debate on DACA to begin next week -- Call your Senators! 20) February is The Love Month ~ Special offer from PAO 21) We Have Traitors In High Places - Throw The Bums In Jail 22) Defend your mind from the "thought loop" viruses by the media 23) Indian Reservations: Drug Conduits 24) Senate showdown over DACA starts next week 25) Washington Post begs Natural News to give them this domain name... or else 26) RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 9, 2018 27) Obama-British conspiracy to frame U.S. President exposed 28) President Trump Wisely Recognizes The Time To Be Vigilant Is Upon Us 29) Sadly, Another Black History Month 30) Autopsy: Las Vegas shooter was taking "sedative-hypnotic" drugs 31) Draining the Swamp in DC 32) Obamagate 33) CNN, NYT, PBS, NPR all praise murderous North Korean tyrants while trashing America 34) Your Social Security Card - DID YOU KNOW? 35) The Three Stages of Soul Cleansing by Lady Nada 36) Time to Fix America 37) For eons Love was practically unknown among humans. ~ A Saul Message 38) Daily Quote 39) Idiot Sightings 40) Sheldan Nidle Update~2-13-18 41) The Democrat Party Is America's Communist Party 42) Message from Matthew 43) WHAT AWAKENING THE MILLENNIALS AND THE CHILDREN WILL MEAN FOR ALL OF US 44) Call & Tell your Senators to reject temporary DACA fix 45) Scientists identify depopulation chemical spiked into vaccines given to African women 46) Colors of Birds. God's Creation is Unbelievable 47) Collins Amnesty Proposal Gaining Momentum - Call your Senators! 48) Genius solution to the food stamp program, plus heart warning for cancer treatments 49) Cultural Marxism: The corruption of America 50) Senate votes on Thursday -- Urge your Senators to reject short-term DACA fix

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