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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Message from Ela 
Message from Ela
Dear Ones, this is a time when you see as we do that the situation on Earth cannot last much longer. The dark are throwing all their efforts into one last fling to avoid the inevitable collapse of their regime. Within their ranks is much consternation and rebellion and it will yet help to bring them down.

The momentum that is bringing the changes cannot be stopped, and the power of the Light continues to expand. More people are awakening to the truth about this dimension, and understanding what is meant by reference to it as an illusion. They realize at long last that it cannot be their true reality, and know that Man is worthy of something a great deal better.

What is bringing this about is the rising consciousness upon your planet. The darkness is being pushed aside to make way for the Light, and it touches all people. Some cannot respond to it and feel uncomfortable, because they do not understand how energies that cannot be seen are changing the very fabric of society. The new energies are releasing you from the shackles that have held you back for millennia of time. 

Ponder that if the energies were any higher, they would cause a great
upliftment amongst those who could assimilate them. However, it would also result in those that were not ready having to leave this dimension for one more suitable. What I give you here is an idea as to how the end times will gradually bring about the separation of the people upon Earth.

There will always come a point when a major shift will occur. It is not
without reason that this time is referred to as one when harvesting will be carried out. Those that are ready to ascend can no longer be held back by those that are unprepared. This can happen at anytime to smaller groups, such as occurred when the Maya ascended and is evident from your ancient history..

However, at the end of this solar cycle there is a conclusion that entails a complete withdrawal of everything so that it can start anew. This is because it also embraces the end of a much larger one known as a Cosmic Cycle. It is an extremely important time, which is why so many higher Beings draw near to help your transition.

What you are experiencing is a concerted effort to give as many people as possible the chance to ascend. It is something of a challenge to us to awaken as many of you as we can in the short time left. Not only are you separating, but those who are enlightened are already able to link with the higher dimensions. It is hastening their upliftment, and they are beginning to feel impervious to anything the dark can throw at them. 

This happens as you work from your higher consciousness and cut your ties to the 3D Earth. This is a perfectly natural development as you are shifting dimensions quite quickly. With it comes a different way of life that is based upon "Living the Light" and becoming One with All. 

You are now in a time when the Light shall begin to be fully expressed through you. What a wonderful opportunity at last to know that your days of concealment are over, You can now stand tall and proud in the Light, it is your stage and the final act can begin. The manifestation of your dreams seemed a long way off until quite recently. However, instead of being overpowered by the dark you have taken up the challenge, and risen supremely above whatever they have thrown at you. 

Now you are aware of your own impregnability and unassailable position providing you stay within the Light at all times. Your strength is in your own belief and knowledge that as you stand within it, nothing can penetrate your protection. You are a beacon of Light, that calls to all others to join with you in establishing a new vibration upon Earth. 

The old Earth has all but finished its time in supporting and providing for Humanity, and the myriad of kingdoms that support other life forms. The Human experiment can be considered a complete success. You are to experience the glory and jubilation of having overcome the dark. It only now remains to see their power removed and their activities brought to a halt.

The radiance and all enduring power is the Light of Love that now permeates the Earth. The true transformation is taking place, and there is a new energy in abundance that is lifting everything up. All else pales into insignificance as the new path to Ascension is opening up.

The Light does not hide away, and for anyone who is sensitive they will feel it all around them. It is energetic and invigorating, the panacea for all ills and worries. It is uplifting and full of power, yet with it comes peace and gentleness. The Light is the energy of Love, sent to you and Earth by great Beings that are responsible for your evolution. They carry out the bidding of the Creator to bring your Universe fully into the Light. 

I am Ela of Arcturus bringing enlightenment on behalf of The Galactic
Federation. We enjoy an expression of the Light that you are soon to join, and ahead of us is a journey into the higher dimensions. Service to others is a most fulfilling experience, as we have everything and want for nothing at all. We are own creators that manifest the fulfillment of our desires.

It is a gift offered to you when you are able to accept responsibility for your creations. At present you do not have such individual power, but it awaits you.

It would be easy to tell you not to be concerned with the final acts of the dark. You are involved, and many are in the midst of the repercussions. However, the more you can view their actions from a distance, the less likely they are to impinge themselves on your consciousness. Rather than dwell on the happenings caused by the dark, think about the power of the Light to transmute the situation. It is taking place, and soon you shall know it too.

Thank you Ela,
Mike Quinsey.

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