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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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Citizens for Health

Editors:  James J. Gormley, Policy Advisor & Ana Micka, President/CEO

Natural Health News
March 18, 2005

Health on the Hill
April 14-17, 2005 at the Bethesda Holiday Inn, Washington DC area
SPECIAL OFFER:  Citizens Health Action Network Members (that's you) save over $150 on registration!!!  >>register today

Why should you attend?  The world's leading experts and scientists will present hard-to-find research and information on topics including: the science of electromagnetic healing; the structure of water and importance to homeopathy; Ayurvedic Medicine; prayer, spirituality and healing; policy sessions covering Codex, cost savings through natural health, nutrition health policy and bio-individuality; and the 2nd National QiGong Summit.  Keynote speakers include Larry Dossey, MD and Congressman Chris Cannon.   REGISTER TODAY! >>click here

II. Senate Bill Voids State Laws, Prohibits Health and Safety Warnings and Undermines Your Health Rights
Senate Bill 3, the "Protecting America in the War on Terror Act," uses emotionally charged homeland security language to undermine our health rights. If passed this law would: 1) nullify state laws related to the regulation of drugs and vaccines - such as existing laws banning mercury in vaccines; 2) bar states from warning their citizens about drug or vaccine safety issues; 3) gift drug and vaccine makers with a financial windfall; and 4) invade health privacy by establishing a national electronic surveillance program to collect and analyze a wide-range of your health data. >>learn more      >>take action today!

New Senate Bill voids existing state laws protecting children from mercury in vaccines along with other state's rights while it creates a national electronic surveillance database from YOUR health records  Tell Your Senators to Oppose S. 3 Today! It only takes one minute to send a letter.
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Community Action Center See other actions created by the community!  Through our new Community Action Center, many of you took the time and initiative to create important and powerful actions - see these new actions and if you agree - make your voice heard. >>Click Here

Top Stories from Healthy Media

More Bad News About Vitamin E?  Read Dr. Weil's Response to the HOPE-TOO Study.
"I don't believe that the HOPE-TOO findings about vitamin E are significant, and I do not think they should worry healthy people taking vitamin E. I'm becoming increasingly angry with the media coverage of these and similar findings. All too often, complicated results of scientific studies are boiled down to shock headlines or sound bites, leaving the public needlessly alarmed. Even more discouraging is the willingness of prestigious journals like JAMA to publish editorials that are likely to generate scare headlines, especially when a careful reading of a study's fine print doesn't support such conclusions."  >>read full article

Leeza Gibbons, a Leader in Alzheimer's Disease Awareness by Lyle Hurd, editor of Total Health magazine  >>read article

Vying for the Vioxx Market: Natural Meds Step into the Breach By Erik L. Goldman, Editor in Chief, Holistic Primary Care  >>read article

Healthy Community
II. Bids for Kids - Online Auction Benefitting the Healthy Foundation's Vitamin Relief USA Program !  Shop guilt-free and make a difference today >>click here for auction site
Support Vitamin Relief USA "Bids for Kids" auction to raise funds to provide vitamins for at risk children. Every $36.50 of profits raised from "Bids for Kids" provides an at-risk child with daily multi-vitamins for an entire year .

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