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Doctors Are Dangerous Bulletin
Take Control Of Your Health And Escape The Sickness Industry

No. 1, 2005

Elaine Hollingsworth, Editor,


Since my book was first published, I have been asked thousands of times why our crusade has not received more media attention. There is a simple reason for this --- CENSORSHIP --- and a perfect example is the case of investigative journalists, husband and wife team Jane Acre and Steve Wilson.

These courageous television reporters exposed the truth about what Monsanto Chemical Company is doing to the milk in Florida, and were shot down by the Murdoch press. During several months of intensive research, they learned that almost all of the milk produced in Florida comes from cows injected with Monsanto's Posilac, a recombinant bovine growth hormone, which is banned in many countries, due to its strong links with cancer.

They wrote about the Canadian government regulators who charged that Monsanto offered them millions in bribes for approval of Posilac without testing. Further, Acre and Wilson documented a "revolving door between Monsanto and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)", and traced the money trail to the University of Florida, which received millions in research grants and gifts. Surprise, surprise, the University then recommended Posilac's use.

Monsanto, in my opinion the most evil multinational on Earth (so sue me, I'm one of tens of millions who feel this way), is so rich and powerful that before their program was set to air, Acre and Wilson were told it had been pulled from the Murdoch-owned TV station, WTTV.

The good news is that Acre and Wilson have filed a lawsuit under the Whistleblowers Act, charging that WTVT bowed to pressure from Monsanto, killing their four-part series, which could have saved countless lives. This backfired on the egregious Monsanto, because they received dreadful press due to this lawsuit. But do they care? I don't think so: they amass billions every year in spite of being the most hated company on Earth.

The most telling comment in this sorry tale of greed and corruption is what Fox Vice President and WTVT General Manager, David Boylan, told reporters:


Oh, yeah? Is that our future -- to be told by Monsanto and many other polluting, poisoning multinationals, and press czars such as Rupert Murdoch, what is good for our health and for the health of our planet?

In case you still have some lingering faith in your national newspaper, or local rag, bear in mind that eight corporations control more than 70% of the world's media. And that means not just television, but radio, newspapers, magazines, cable, theatre chains, publishing houses, film production (unless financed by the gutsy Michael Moore), satellite systems and theme parks. Yes, even Mickey Mouse is not immune!

Because I tell the shocking truth about their owners, the multinationals, the establishment media has blacklisted me. Even revenue-generating advertisements for my book are routinely refused. Example: Gardening Australia's staff accepted a two-page advertisement, then shortly before the magazine was due to go to the printer, they told me it had been pulled. This time, it was Commonwealth Government censorship, as they own the magazine. According to the advertising department, the government objected to the unflattering, but true, things the advertisement said about the organisations that REALLY run the government.

So what can we do, other than sitting back like wimps and allowing the scoundrels to get away with murder? BOYCOTT! That's what we can do, and there isn't a more deserving company than Monsanto to start with. There are many internet sites that list the shocking, Earth--destroying things Monsanto has been, and still is, doing around the world. Or, just think about the way they are destroying Argentina in the name of the bottom line: in order to keep the world awash in their poisonous, genetically-modified soy, they are stripping Argentina of 10,000 hectares of forest each year. The equivalent of 20 football fields per hour! This is staggering, and in five years Argentina's native forests will be lost forever. Tribes that have lived for thousands of years in the forest are being destroyed as giant bulldozers, linked together with enormous chains, ram through the forests, tearing up the life-giving trees, and piling them up and burning them. The forest-dwellers simply stand and stare, utterly devastated and bewildered by the destruction of their lives.

Horrible, toxic clouds of pesticides are raining down on people who have no defence and nowhere to run. Farmers, who have lived for centuries practicing crop-rotation and organic agriculture, are being pushed out of their homes and will starve, thanks to Monsanto Chemical Company.

If you are outraged that such an evil company has the power to ruin countries, starve farmers, and decide what will appear in the media, please join me in boycotting all of their products. And please pass this Bulletin on to all of your contacts.

For a list of Monsanto's products, see:

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