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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 220 
Ascension 220 
Select One 1) Bill Gates, UNESCO, Common Core And Failing Government Schools 2) 2 for 1 Match Grant: Stop Paul Ryan's AMNESTY!!! 3) "Concentration camps" for children another media hoax 4) Stop Paul Ryan's Amnesty! Matching Grant Expanded! 5) What you need to know about contamination vs. clean food - new H.R. video 6) Amnesty vote this week -- Tell Rep. Henry Johnson to oppose! 7) Roger Stone's Recently Remembered Contact With A Russian FBI Informant 8) Harvard Medical School to punish doctors for being white 9) They Stripped the DEA of Power 10) JUNE 21st - Patricia Cota-Robles - Jacklyn Johnston LIVE SOLSTICE EVENT 11) Water-toxoid syndrome: find out if you're infected. 12) Amnesty Vote TOMORROW -- Tell Rep. Henry Johnson to oppose! 13) How Can 3.4% x 3.62% x 2% Equal Global Warming? 14) Amnesty Votes Today! Call Congress and Oppose! 15) The Left Is Destroying Our Children 16) Facebook bans Alzheimer's, Dementia video series 17) Your U.S. Rep narrowly killed bill to mandate E-Verify & kill chain migration 18) Tax-Filing 'Postcard' to be Released Next Week 19) THE COST 20) The IG Report: We Need To Stand Vigilant For Truth, Rule Of Law, And Justice 21) Amnesty vote delayed, keep the pressure on! 22) Restored Republic & GCR June 22 2018 23) Prosecute border crossers, say most Americans 24) We've all been lied to by the dishonest media - see the photo 25) "Getting Lucky" My Recent Offer? 26) Beer and the Wheel 27) Time Cover Photo Of Trump A Fake 28) Fake News: A Week On The Media's Yellow Brick Road 29) How to stay positive in a negative world - interview 30) Are Polls Accurate 31) ONLY A LITTLE CORRUPTION? 32) You need a laugh or two 33) The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed 34) Monopolistic Tech Giants -- Just an Extension of the Deep State? 35) Democrats Are Desperate 36) St. Germain: Tipping Point Reached 37) Science breakthrough on seaweed for prostate cancer, plus emergency broadcast alert 38) Six Short Stories 39) "Quantum Finance" by (Anonymous) - 6.25.18 40) Last chance to defeat Ryan amnesty bill. 41) Lots to Learn 42) Global warming hoax unravels... Dems plan destruction of our Republic 43) Door To Door Gun Confiscation? 44) Changes to House amnesty bill don't go far enough 45) Bilderberg 2018: Orwell's ‘Big Brother' In A ‘Post-Truth' World 46) Ryan/Trump amnesty was crushed by 121-301 vote 47) How to Overthrow a Nation From Within Class 101 48) A Real Miss America 49) Restored Republic & GCR: June 27 2018 50) How About A Red, White, And Blue Wave?

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