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For Immediate release:

Att: Assignment Editor

U.N. Organization's July Decision Could Be Responsible

For 3 Billion + Deaths



New York City, NY. May 30, 2005

ACODEX ALIMENTARIUS, a UN trade commission, is poised to adopt a restrictive Vitamin and Mineral Standard (VMS) which international health agencies say would be responsible for the deaths of more than three billion people world-wide.

If the VMS is approved at the July meeting of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission (CAC) in Rome, it would severely restrict or eliminate the use of therapeutic doses and potencies of supplemental vitamins and minerals. The effect on countries where under-nourishment and starvation are rampant will be cataclysmic.

The World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and UNESCO have noted with alarm the effects of removing nutrient supplementation and predict the rapid death of 1 billion people around the world from starvation and the slower, but preventable, deaths from chronic diseases of under-nutrition of another two billion. Deaths will occur in the developing world first because of greater nutritional fragility in so much of the population in the underdeveloped countries.

Developed nations like the US are at grave risk as well since chronic high calorie malnutrition is rampant in this country because of a compromised food supply and high intake of nutrient poor foods associated with our epidemics of cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis, Alzheimer's Disease, MS and other degenerative diseases rare in past generations.

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (CA) is scheduled for global implementation January 1, 2010, after decades of promulgating regulations which control everything eaten or ingested, "from farm to fork". CA's VMS is expected to mirror the highly restrictive and unscientific European Food Supplements Directive (EFSD) which permits only 27 ultra low dose vitamins and minerals (and one toxin). All others are explicitly forbidden, as are natural forms or higher doses. This type of restriction would enhance the nutritional fragility of at least 3 billion people and remove the nutrients which are keeping them alive.

The Natural Solutions Foundation has created a grassroots opposition to the deadly VMS here in the US and has contacted the US Ambassador of every African country to urge their opposition to the VMS through participation in the CAC. Many of these nations do not attend the meetings which will, ultimately, decide the fate of their people.

CAC is a UN trade commission created in 1963 to assure clean food and remove international trade barriers to the movement of that food. CODEX, a special project of the WHO and FAO, rejects findings of these same organizations showing the link between under-nutrition, chronic diseases and death. Rolf Grossklaus, MD, a physician and Chairman of the CODEX committee which deals with nutrition, has stated publicly "Nutrition has no place in medicine".

CA formally acknowledges that its purpose is the support of trade, not of human health. VMS ratification will not be the first dangerous decision CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (CA) has made. Although fructose was banned in the US food supply, since it was approval by CAC, the US was forced to allow its use domestically. Fructose is partly responsible for the deadly obesity and diabetes epidemic among US children.

Dr. Rolf Grossklaus, a nutritional medicine physician, has publicly declared "nutrition has no place in medicine", decries using nutrients to "prevent, treat or cure any disease or condition" and owns BfR, the only company authorized to submit Risk Assessment data to his own committee and to CAC. As a nutritional physician, he understands the deadly impact ending supplemental and therapeutic nutrition will have globally.

Organizations around the world are urging the UN, nations and the media to take a close look at CAC, its procedures and decisions. Additional information is available at



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