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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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Beyond the cold science, beyond the compartmentalized Western
thinking... you've NEVER seen DNA described in the way you'll read

San Francisco to ban children's toys made with toxic chemicals;
bisphenol A and phthalates targeted:

Anemia drug found to cause fatal heart attacks and strokes:

U.S. hospitals fail basic hygiene standards; infections worsen:

Cranberries show remarkable health benefits in studies:

Ruptured disk surgery as effective as waiting, study finds:

Financial ties between FDA, drug companies could get even stronger
with new "pay to play" TV advertisement review service:

Fatty fish consumption found to slash risk of dementia, Alzheimer's:

Popular contact lens solution recalled due to sterility problems:

One laptop per child project ships first 10 computers:

NASA okays the polluting of outer space with space station waste:

European towns do away with traffic signs, restoring freedom and
social responsibility to drivers:

Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

Trial By Jury in Danger of Extinction
Yet there are those working within our nation's legal system who wish to change the process by which civil liberties are protected for someone accused of a criminal offense or faced with civil litigation. The most serious but little known trend is the reduction in use of the jury trial.

What I Want You to Know About 9-11
In all my past columns I have recommended that Americans do their own research on this issue. Don't let me or anyone else make up your mind. Don't let someone from the media or your favorite politician tell you what you saw really isn't what you saw with your own eyes.
by Devvy Kidd

Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders: A Book Review
After 9/11, George Bush should have closed down America's borders with Mexico the next day. If he had abided by his oath of office, as did President Dwight D. Eisenhower, between 20 to 30 million invaders would not be operating with impunity within U.S. borders. Instead, this president openly invites lawlessness by ignoring Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.
by Frosty Wooldridge

Wanta Know, Not Knowing What we Don't Know
Who is Ambassador Leo Wanta? If only half of what can be found about him (with little effort) is true, he should be a household name, investigated, interviewed, and 60-Minutesized.' Time and Newsweek would have dueling covers and Mike Wallace would be announcing his return..However, most people never heard of him, and the mainstream media is conspicuously avoiding him, and what could be a huge story.....
by Geoff Metcalf

The Truth About Our Food That Nobody Heard
Did we just read that our government allows the planting of genetically engineered crops, whose safety is unknown, without a WRITTEN plan for keeping those crops from contaminating anything planted around them, or the entire environment, for that matter? And did Mr. Young just tell us that inspections are done with a phone call?.....
by Donna Voetee

The Evolution of Homeowner Associations
Consider the case of Wenonah Blevins, an 82 year old Texas widow, whose mortgage free $150,000 house was sold on the courthouse steps for $5,000 to satisfy an $814 assessment. What is so incredible about this case is that Mrs. Blevins had remitted a check for the full amount shown on her bill from the association but the association refused to accept her payment, preferring to foreclose instead.....
by Shu Bartholonew

Exposing Religious Monopoly in Public School Science Classes
Evolutionists claim that they are not against religion they just want religious ideas kept out of science classes. What they fail to acknowledge and want to keep the public from realizing is that their own pre-commitment to naturalism is just as religious as biblical creationism.....
by Dr. Patrick Johnston

How Wars Are Started
President Bush said on October 6, 2005 that "Wars are not won without sacrifice and this (Iraq) war will require more sacrifice." But I say we'd have no wars if the leaders who want these wars would have to put themselves or their children on the front lines. But lets face it. Sinister minds in high places in whatever country can always come up with a way to start a war to accomplish their hidden agenda and that agenda has always been One World Government....
by Betty Freauf

Led by Ronnie Cummings, the OCA monitors and reports on important issues impacting all things organic: Food and produce, cosmetics, personal care products, etc. He offers a daily roundup of related news from around the web, plus several key action campaigns that give you the opportunity to contact your representatives in Washington (if you're an American citizen, anyway) and let your voice be heard.

Commercial Alert (CA)

Founded in part by Ralph Nader, and currently headed by Gary Ruskin, Commercial Alert is fighting against the abusive, overreaching power of corporations and their desire to exploit the public in any way that generates higher profits. With its "Stop Drug Ads" campaign (, Commercial Alert is attempting to ban direct-to-consumer drug advertising -- a move that would save countless lives of American consumers while halting Big Pharma's blatant propaganda campaigns that push fictitious diseases and dangerous drugs to treat them.

PR Watch

Dedicated to exposing and countering corporate and government spin, PR Watch is a valuable source for honest information that you'll never see printed in the corporate-controlled mainstream media. It's headed in part by John Stauber, author of "Toxic Sludge is Good For You - Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry." That's a book that explains just about everything being spun out of the food corporations, drug companies, artificial sweetener producers and chemical manufacturers today.

PLoS Medicine

For those who enjoy a more technical read, there's only one medical journal I know of that blatantly refuses to accept drug money from pharmaceutical companies: PLoS Medicine. This open-source, fiercely-independent medical journal consistently publishes honest, hard-hitting studies that expose the fraud of disease mongering, the false claims in drug ads and many other important issues. Check this journal from time to time (all articles are available at no charge), and you'll see why I think this journal makes JAMA and the other "mainstream" medical journals obsolete.

Environmental Working Group

As the name reveals, this organization focuses on the environment, educating readers with articles about toxic chemicals in foods and consumer products, threats to the environment, and corruption between commercial interests and government regulators.

Life Extension Foundation Legislative Action Center

No group has fought harder against FDA censorship and intimidation than the Life Extension Foundation. That's why they've set up a Legislative Action Center (LAC) where you can contact your elected representatives on important issues like the Health Freedom Protection Act, a bill that would end the reign of medical McCarthyism at the FDA.

Be sure to visit this site and see what you can do to take action today. And you may wish to become a LEF customer (and member), too, where you can purchase top-quality supplements that I consider to be some of the best in the industry. My favorite product? Life Extension Mix Caps, a multivitamin that's loaded with plant-based medicine.

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