When I think about leadership in a company, a team, or even a family I


immediately think of attitude.  Why, because there is a powerful degree of contagiousness in attitude. And when something is contagious it creates followers.  Thus creating a leader.

Because leadership is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly it is important to recognize what is contagious and therefore replicated or followed and what is not.Experience is NOT contagious.  Talent is not contagious.  A willingness to put forth effort or practice is NOT contagious.  So even if you are super talented or willing and everybody knows it, that in itself will not produce a bunch of talented or willing individuals.

This is where attitude stands alone. In life wherever you happen to be you will find yourself around two different kinds of people.  The polluters and the purifiers.

Polluters are the ones who continually breath out their negative toxins and bad attitudes; contaminating the minds and destroying the creativity of those around them.

While the purifiers on the other hand actually improve everything and everyone around them.  They take in all the same junk as everyone else but they filter it before releasing anything back into the atmosphere. They are known for their humble and teachable spirit.  They radiate with positive affection for life in general.  And this is absolutely contagious!

It doesn’t take people very long before they begin raising the bar in their own attitudes wanting to exhibit these same character traits.

How do people respond to you?  After spending time with you do they walk away feeling better or worse?  Do you give them a bit of fresh perspective and positive encouragement?

Bottom line pessimists and optimists usually always get what they expect. You only increase your chances for success by believing in yourself and others.  Not to mention when you’re positive with others they are more likely to be positive with you.

Just remember it’s your positive attitude that will impact, challenge and empower you and those  around you!