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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 229 
Ascension 229 
Select One 1) Bernie Sanders Wrote A Pornographic Column 2) Dems New America: Guilty Until You Prove Your Innocence 3) Lies that cancer doctors tell their frightened patients 4) Donald J. Trump's Accomplishment's List MAGA PILL.html 5) The burned biscuits 6) James O'Keefe, Doing The Job Our Media Should Be Doing 7) Here's how to Opt Out of Cancer 8) Feds issued 1.17 million new lifetime work permits in FY17 9) How You Can Help Kavanaugh's Confirmation 10) Important message from POTUS Trump 11) Tylenol is By Far The Most Dangerous Drug Ever Made 12) LaCroix beverage accused of using cockroach insecticide. 13) Beyond Q- From Phil Tilton 14) The Kavanaugh Effect: Here's what happens next (and why you should get ready) 15) Submitting To The Governing Or Religious Authorities? 16) Trump Cancels Obama's Vacation Plans 17) Men Without Chests Threaten Our Culture And Civilization 18) French vs English 19) The Carbonaro Effect: Magician reveals how fake news media push fake science 20) Please take our October 2018 membership survey 21) The Mendaciene, Our Era Of Mendacity 22) Church Ladies are back with their Typewriters!!!! 23) Mike Adams video appeal to Kavanaugh to protect food and health freedom 24) Great Laugh! 25) Is demonic possession now sweeping across America? 26) Ever Wonder Why WE Have FAKE NEWS? 27) If Politicians Go Outside Their Script Their Agenda Would Fall Apart 28) Defining a Leader 29) Our Republic And Its Press Will Rise Or Fall together 30) We Are At War For This Nation: Meet You At The Polls 31) Very dangerous months ahead for America... what you need to know 32) TruthToons 33) 7 Signs our Consciousness is Shifting to Higher Dimensions 34) The most censored film of 2018 35) Declaration Of Independence Meant More Than Just Freedom From England 36) Dems New Mantra - Falsely Accuse Em, Smear Em And Kick Em 37) VP Pence urges Central America to stop illegal immigration 38) Immigration goes up yet again! 39) Flipping Congress By The Power Of Beelzebul 40) Turmeric kills MRSA superbugs - new research