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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 221 
Ascension 221 
Select One 1) FDA approves medicine derived from cannabis 2) Mystery of the Century.. 3) Real.Video launch update from Adams (plus other breaking news) 4) Time and Date Set for Trump-Putin Summit 5) JFK Secret Societies Speech April 27th, 1961 6) The Green Thing 7) Sheldan Nidle Update~6--27-18 8) SHELDON NIDLE UPDATE FOR TUESDAY, JUNE 26TH 9) World premiere of "Death of a Nation" official movie trailer 10) What's next for Congress on immigration? 11) 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists criminally indicted by Trump's DOJ 12) It Is Time To Fight Back 13) Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America 14) How The Public Education System is Brainwashing Your children 15) Humanity Without A Conscience But It Gets Better 16) DEMOCRATS ARE TOTALLY UNHINGED 17) Tim Allen Has Incredible News for Last Man Standing Fans 18) U.S. Senate votes to legalize hemp farming across America 19) MSM ​Forgot about this case. 20) Wild Wolves Represented In Minnesota Court Battle 21) Your Eternal Presence and Awaken Innocence by the Celestial Dolphins 22) SCOTUS Internet Sales Tax Decision: What To Do 23) "Q Anon and Indictments" by Sierra (NZ) 24) U.S. really did have Manchurian Candidate in White House 25) Leftists demand closing down all prisons and opening all borders for unlimited invasion 26) David Wilcock: Alliance Preparing to Give Back Trillions of Stolen Wealth 27) QAnon: 46,193 Sealed Indictments 28) Gay men launch #walkaway movement, flee hate-filled Democrat party 29) Food for thought. 30) Time to end nationhood along with ICE this July 4th? 31) Federal Judge Orders Justice Department To Turn Over Fusion GPS Records 32) Happy Independence Day! 33) Independence Day 34) Police Arrest 29 Far Left Protesters After Violence Erupts in Front of ICE Building 35) Philip Tilton -- Very Brief Explanation of What's Going Down This Week 36) QAnon -- Urgent Message, Please Pay Attention 37) The science-backed benefits of cannabis (and other news) 38) What Price Are You Willing To Pay To Save America? 39) Facebook bans the Declaration of Independence as "hate speech" 40) School of Law 41) Enviro leaders told me this is why they won't address immigration 42) Liberty Under Siege 43) Things are breaking wide open out in the swamp aka Washington, DC. 44) Calling for all banned videos... we now have a platform 45) Labor Shortage? In June, Number Without Jobs Grew 46) Sometimes You Just Have To Trust the Pilot 47) UK the ¬ĎAbsolute' Loss Of Moral Values And Faith 48) Factoids,,,,,,,,,,,,,Children separated from their parents 49) Trump the Benefactor.... 50) Restored Republic GCR July 8, 2018

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