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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 202 
Ascension 202 
Select One 1) Killery 2) 57 things I'm thankful for, including YOU 3) Cinnamon 4) Homeless Veteran Spent his Last $20 to Keep this Woman Safe 5) Resistance grows against mandatory medical interventions 6) Robberry at Gunpoint 7) Know Your Rights 8) Spirituality or Religioin? 9) Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message for November 24, 2017 10) Vaccine liars; doctors under the gun 11) Water wars erupting across the globe; will food supply survive? 12) The Pleiadians via James Gilliland for Nov 20, 2017 ( Make Viral !!) 13) The Alchemy of Transformation 14) How to Recognize your Full Potential Self 15) Judge Roy Moore is Right: God Is Above The Constitution 16) How I test CBD oil in the lab (and which brand I trust) 17) Co-Creating Ascension with the Trees by Tree Consciousness 18) Daily Quote - November 25, 2017 19) I Tried to be Normal Once 20) The Matrix Revealed: Why logic disappeared 21) Winston Churchhill 22) Fascist vrs Anti-Fascist 23) Note from The Universe 24) Democrats Circle The Wagons To Protect Their Sexual Perverts 25) Fake Lawyers help you sue Google, or DNC? 26) Hypocrisy 27) Huge thank you from the Health Ranger 28) When Rockefeller exposed his secret 29) Prepare for sudden, radical changes: "You may not recognize tomorrow" 30) Stop Amnesty! Contact Senate Leaders and your Elected Officials 31) Fans Have Last Say in NFL Protests 32) As creators your abilities are limitless. ~ A Message from Jesus ~ John Smallman 33) Super-high levels of aluminum, autism 34) OUR LIGHTWORK IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE 35) A New Sheriff is in Town 36) When Older Americans Die Who Will Speak For Freedom? 37) Removing toxic aluminum from the body 38) Saint Germain: Believe That You Can Make The Difference 39) Memory Test for older kids 40) False Allegations 41) A Whole branch of fake science 42) Breaking news on North Korea, Matt Lauer and more 43) Carbon Dioxide into Fuel! Is it Possible? 44) Amnesty Threat! Contact House Leaders and your Elected Officials 45) Daily Quote - November 29, 2017 46) Eating nuts found to dramatically improve "brainwave functions" 47) San Fran puts American women in the "kill zone" 48) Illegal Alien Murderer Of Kate Steinle Found Innocent 49) AN AIRLINE CAPTAIN'S REPORT (VERY GOOD) 50) Core Competency

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