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 Act NOW - Save Alternative Care 
Some of you may have received a negative article from IAHF (John Hammel) or the same info from Dr. Rath.  We do not support IAHF or those who propagate bashing fellow health professionals to pump up their own egos.  I personally know Dr. Laibow and her husband and I could not ask for a higher integrity couple.  I have also met Mr. Hammel but will hold that opinion.
Dr. Laibow has done what others are still talking about.  She have personally visited top government officials in dozens of countries worldwide and turned their heads away from adopting the Big Pharma negative standard for CODEX and instead they "get it" and are adopting a positive standard... and it is working.   Perhaps the US is seeing the impact of her work already and is getting desperate with this new attempt. 

Does the FDA *run by Big Pharma) have the legal authority to do this and start raiding or intimidating those who might go against their new internal directive, NO.  Will this stop them from doing so anyway?  You decide.  From past experience, they have "approved" deadly drugs and pretty well do whatever they are directed to do just like the IRS does without ANY law giving them authority.  In a Fascist world, it is Big Pharma running the FDA and in this administration do you think simple laws (like the Constitution) are obeyed?  So, it's up to the people as it always is to take a stand and not be intimidated.
The worst thing to do is nothing.  This is implied consent.
If IAHF thinks they should focus on CAFTA, more power to him. Do it.  Dr. Laibow is doing what she does best, and more power to her.  I tend to support people who speak the truth and support the good of others and get things done.  Now it's up to you to determine which is which.


 1)   Vital Action Needed by 4/30/07 
       Act Now or Lose Alternative Health Care  article
 2)   Health freedom action alert: FDA attempting to regulate
       supplements, herbs,  juices as "drugs"

              Sample FDA Response

 3)  Urgent Health Freedom Alert
      Download Word File to send to friends, health stores:


Natural Solutions Foundation
April 8, 2007
Could It Be That All The Problems Are Coincidence?

A couple of days ago The Natural Solutions Foundation sent out an Action Alert telling you that the FDA is at it again. Their "Proposed Guidance on CAM" will classify all natural therapies as "Medical Practices" so only licensed physicians will be able to practice them. Then the supplements and products used in those practices become "untested drugs" which are, in the US and elsewhere, illegal. Not only that, I can tell you as a physician that deviations from "practice guidelines" or "treatment algorithms" are increasingly cause for doctors to have their licenses pulled so few doctors will offer those modalities.

The Comments page , ( I set up for you to use to send your comments electronically to the FDA during the public comment period (which ends on April 30) was working perfectly and, at last count, 11,030 people had sent comments to the FDA using that page.

And then the emails began coming in that said things like, "When I click the "submit" button, I get an 'Error 404' message." and "When I clicked on the link in your email, I got a "Page no longer available" message and similar emails.

Connect the Dots!
On March 14 of this year our site,, was "locked" by our hosting company hours after we made it known that the huge number of drug-related deaths which are the leading cause of death in every developed country in the world fit in perfectly with the explicitly stated genocidal agenda of multinational and international organizations from the Council on Foreign Relations to the World Health Organization. We pointed out that this fits perfectly with the apparent underlying Codex agenda (, coming as it does straight from Nazi Germany. (Check out the Nutricide Video on our home page, if you haven't seen it! Email that link, too.)
A temporary page telling people what happened after our site went down was mounted by our webmaster. Within hours his server and all of his sites were off the Internet because of a concerted, organized and illegal attack on our site and his hosting server. When he took our temporary site down, the attack ceased almost instantly and his sever and sites were back on line within minutes.
Our Action Alert on the proposed New York legislation ( which will limit access to nutrients and supplements in that state was number 1 in Google's ranking on the topic one day and suddenly disappeared from the Internet search engine altogether overnight!
More than 11,000 people have responded to our urgent request that they file their objections to this latest FDA end run around DSHEA (the 1994 law which says that supplements and herbs are foods and, as such, are presumed to be safe). Our Action Alert emails on the topic have been widely circulated and people are using this opportunity to create another uproar like the one that prevented Congress from taking away our right to supplements in 1994 and brought us DSHEA!
Dot to Dot to Dot:
Oh Look! There's a Picture!
I think it is reasonable to conclude that our vigorous response and success is not particularly welcome to the FDA and their friends. And that means that we need to intensify our successful response right now! We only have until April 30, 2007 to let the FDA know that We, the People, want our health products, our health freedom and our self determination. The FDA also needs to know that we want Public Hearings on these issues and that we are willing to make our will loud and clear.
Here's Your Part
You have been doing a great job of sending your comments to the FDA and circulating this information to your circle of influence. It may be hard to take in but if this "Guidance" goes through, there will be no more legal natural health and wellness modalities. There will be no more natural health and wellness products.
Our nutrients, if we are permitted any, will look very much like the low potency, no impact nutrients permitted in Europe under the Codex-Compliant European Food Supplements Directive (using any other nutrients in any other dosages is a crime). Our herbs, if we have any, will look very much like the very, very short list of herbs permitted ONLY FOR TRIVIAL COMPLAINTS in Europe under the European Medicinal Herbal Products Directive (using any other herbs for any other reasons is a crime). In other words, Big Pharma, like Big Brother at the end of George Orwell's chillingly prophetic "1984" will have won.
We are That Close!
We are that close to loosing natural medicine. We are that close to loosing our health freedom.
It is imperative that you submit your comments to the FDA. If you value your health or your freedom (or both) you have only a narrow window of opportunity to raise your voice with all the other voices shouting for our right to make our own health decisions.
If there is a problem wit the link, write to me with your information at and I will personally make sure that your comments are submitedfor you. Every one of them!
After you have submitted you comments, the next step is critical. Spend some time contacting all of the people in your circle of influence and, with a short note at the top of the email, explain how dangerous this threat is, how short the window of opportunity is and what the consequences will be if the FDA and Big Pharma succeed this time around. Please include the makers and sellers of your vitamins, minerals, etc. as well as the practitioners whom you know in your emails. Ask people, practitioners, health food stores, organizations and companies to alert their customers, patients, suppliers, friends, etc. We need millions of responses and we CAN get them if we all work together on this.
Oh, and please, don't forget to write to me to let me know if you have any further problems with the links or the sites. We will fix them if you do.
Actually, I take heart from these attacks: if we were not effective, there would be no need for sabotage!
Remember, the FDA's goal is simple: through a "Guidance" about the regulation of "CAM" (which they conveniently define as "Complementary and Alternative MEDICINE" instead of "Complementary and Alternative Modalities" the FDA hopes to serve the interests of Big Pharma by eliminating all CAM practices and products. ALL of them.

Criminalizing Natural Health

The FDA is using a legal ploy to make all natural health criminal in either one way or another. You can't engage in it if you are not a physician and you cannot use the products even if you are. That's very similar to the laws recently introduced in Australia (5 year prison sentence for using, providing to another person or teaching the use of nutrients) and India (illegal to practice or teach acupuncture, energy healing, sound therapy, etc., etc.). Neither law passed but they will be back in Parliament again. It's the same process: marginalize, then criminalize all competition to the deadly, expensive and oh-so-useful drugs!


In your email to your circle of influence, please remember to Include a link to the Natural Solutions Foundation website ( ). Tell them that we are protecting their health freedoms and ask them to lend their support to the health freedom battle which threatens to criminalize natural health! Let them know that when you click on this link,, your comments will be automatically registered on the FDA site.


That's our goal. Two weeks, five million comments to the FDA, all asserting our fundamental right to control our own health. Manufacturers, distributors, health food stores and natural practitioners pay close attention: the FDA is in the process of regulating your business out of existence. By April 30. If you value your work and your livelihood, ACT NOW!

Here's the link:

We are collectively doing a GREAT job. That's the reason efforts to silence us crop up. We won't be silent because we are right: our health and our freedom are worth speaking out for and we are doing it!

We ARE the Ones

We Have Been Waiting For!

Oh, yes. One other thing: The lawyer who wrote this comments document did it for free. Our other legal consultants work for free. I work for free. General Stubblebine works for free. Our wonderful volunteers and Board Members accept no compensation. Everyone else who is providing services wants to be paid for the work they do for us. And rightly so, by the way. So don't forget to feed the health freedom kitty by making a tax deductible donation ( or shopping at our all-organic store! Thanks for all your wonderful support.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Freedom Resource Center