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CNN Special: Border 
                        - A Chris Burgard Film

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Tune in ALERT!

Tonight on CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck is airing a one-hour special on Chris Burgard’s feature-length documentary BORDER, at 7:00 pm Eastern, re-broadcasting at 9:00 pm and 12:00 am Eastern. Many of you who have volunteered your time as a Minuteman at the border will remember the months Burgard has spent on the front lines with Chris Simcox and our Minuteman patriots. This film is packed with Minutemen clips, facts, interviews and dramatic footage revealing the enormity of the crisis at our wide-open border.

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“As a visual expose, Burgard carries his cameras to the no-man's land surrounding the southern U.S. boundary, for a terrifying glimpse of... horrors too numerous to mention.” -- Nathan Southern,, New York Times

The DVD of BORDER is now available for pre-order, and will be shipped the first week of December. Reserve your copy today!

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California filmmaker Chris Burgard’s award-winning, feature-length documentary, BORDER, takes a firsthand look at the dire and real human consequences of America’s failure to secure its borders. BORDER unleashes a haunting, inside look at what has arguably become a war zone: Rape Trees, illegal immigration, drug smuggling, sex trafficking, Mexican military incursions and more—all taking place at the United States’ southern border. From drug cartels and smuggler towns to besieged American ranchers routinely finding corpses on their properties, BORDER gives the viewer a front row seat.

In footage of illegal border crossings, Minuteman musters and captures by the Border Patrol, BORDER focuses on the staggering number of people brutally victimized while illegally crossing into the United States from Mexico. The film includes startling covert thermal imaging footage of drug smugglers, a mere seven yards away from the hidden film crew, showing drug gangs moving millions of dollars of drugs across the border into American territory where U.S. National Guard troops were forced to retreat on January 3rd of this year.

BORDER takes you on a journey from state to state, and exposes a failed system and failed policies that Burgard and crew courageously dare to unveil. Presenting the facts and leaving it to the viewer to digest,  Buy Now Select HERE NOW and see for yourself the shocking lawlessness that prevails along our southern frontier with Mexico. You will be glad you own the movie BORDER as the definitive historic account of America’s broken borders.


Chris Simcox, President
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Dept Code 953
PO Box 130707
Houston, TX 77219-0707

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