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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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Ker-On  23-Feb-06

What is happening on Earth is to you a never ending play, and for most it is one in which they take their parts very seriously. If you can see life as a series of acts that come to you through your own creation, you will find it easier to handle. It is not that you have no control of events, because as each set of circumstances present themselves it cannot help but draw a response from you. The problem for you is that it takes time to bring changes that alter a situation, and there is of course a continual conflict of interests.

As we see you now there is a battle royal as you might say, but it is largely taking place in the higher dimensions. Your thoughts and desires are trying to overcome each other, as one thoughtform and then another is empowered with your energy. What is happening now is that the Light has become the predominant force and it is loosening the hold of the dark. It is therefore only a matter of time before it begins to sweep away the dark energies for all time.

You are being helped in the effort you are making, as it is our task to give further strength to the Light because you have requested our help. This happens just the same where the dark energies are concerned, through Beings that are off planet just as we are now. You might wonder why we do not take more direct and positive action, but we remind you that you dictate what happens through your mass consciousness. Universal Law does not allow for interference that will alter the course of your experiences, because you have brought them upon yourselves. This may not happen in a way that you can recognize it, but be assured you are the creators of what you experience.

If you desire change, you should concentrate and visualize how you would like it to be that differs from the present. If you take no action that is effectively endorsing what already exists. It is you who dictate change and how it takes place, although I must say that your powers do not encompass those necessary for Ascension. You can cause deviations on the path to Ascension, but the actual event is controlled by higher forces outside of your immediate control. Having become aware of the great event that is soon to manifest, those of you who have chosen to go with it manifest energy upon Earth that others can lock into. Most of this happens without your realization, but the effect is felt by those who become One in intent and purpose to be part of it.

As you lift up into the higher dimensions, there is a more conscious awareness and participation in the melding of the energies. This is where group consciousness comes into play, and you will already know that in numbers you increase the power exponentially. You can gravitate to the different levels of consciousness, but cannot reach beyond those that resonate with your own. Needless to say, once away from the lower vibrations the dark will find no place for their activities for the same reasons.

If only those that have allowed themselves to become embroiled with the dark energies, realized that they are continually creating their own demise I believe they might have different objectives in life. Few of them if at all are aware that they are setting down the conditions for their next life, and they will remain in the lower vibrations until they realize that there is another way. However, it is their choice and the Light will eventually waken them from their slumbers. Those of you in the Light usually have no waking memory of such experiences, but all of you have had your spells in the dark as part of your growth.

There is no judgement against anyone, and experience from wherever it comes is a valuable asset. All of the time you are assessing situations through your subconsciousness memories, and this determines how you react. The more you work with the Light, the less likely you are to become involved with the use of negative energies. The emotions are your Achilles heel and they can at times run away with you. This is why we advocate the continual centering of Self and to keep your focus upon yourself. Be aware of moments of testing where other people's emotions are directed at you, as this is when you are most vulnerable.

Emotions are a tool that is often used to deliberately alienate or control you. Lightworkers allow the energies to bounce off them, and hold their position in the calmness of their own choosing. You can deflate someone who is out to confront you by holding your ground. See how when they cannot draw you into their energies how an awkward moment can be diffused. Even someone who is threatening violent action can be held in check if you can stay calm. Easier said than done, but these are states of being that it is essential to try and work towards.

Can you imagine a condition of existence where no one argues or has disagreements, because that is how it is in the higher dimensions? Differences of opinion are quite normal, as after all we are all thinking Beings, with a vast range of experiences to draw from. Discussions are cordial and always resolve issues, because an outcome is sought that is in the best interests of all. On Earth you tend to be egotistical and sometimes consider it a slight against you if you cannot get your own way. You have problems in accepting that someone else may know better than you. You make life so complicated at times when it could be so much easier and enjoyable.

Look at your political meetings and see how vociferous some of your politicians become, and rather than work with each other they divide into camps that only work for their own agendas. No wonder at times it takes so long to progress. This will all change very shortly, and new leaders will appear that represent a more positive approach, and they will be chosen because of their spiritual understanding. I talk of a personal understanding that comes from having found the Light, not one that is dictated by religious preferences or agendas. There is just the One Truth, and it will serve you well as you enter the last phase of this cycle.

I am Ker-On from Venus, and you know our planet as one on the vibration of Love and so it is. Your new planet Terra will also be of a similar vibration and you will find it quite natural to be in them. It is the lower vibrations that are not your true reality, and not the other way around. You originally came from dimensions of great beauty and love, and it is your destiny to return to them. Think of your most uplifting moments in your life, and ask yourselves which you prefer. Think Love and be Love that is all there is to it.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.


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