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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 266 
Ascension 266 
Select One 1) BLM at War with America 2) Desolate, Burned and Overthrown 3) AIM Cat Report 4) Trump pause in imported workers 5) Mack, Loomer, Rivera and others 6) AIM Report 7) Contact tracing in California 8) The Silent Majority 9) Destruction of America by Education 10) HCQ clinical trials murdering people 11) From Chaos Comes Awaking 12) Democrats Exposed as the Racists 13) AIM Cat Report 14) Facebook Censors conservatives 15) Reagan Quotes 16) President Trump Deals Heavy Blow 17) Congressional Freeze of Benefits 18) I'm Proud to Be White 19) Antifa Offers Perfect Cover for Jihad 20) We Are All People of Color 21) Saharan dust is NOT Dust 22) AIM Cat Report 23) Trump's Economy: Part 2 24) Spread the Stupidity! 25) Lockdowns Causing Second Wave 26) COVID-19: Beer Bottle Tests Positive 27) Racism Inherent in Democrats' DNA 28) Engaging left-wing terrorists 29) AIM Cat Report 30) Infant mortality down 31) Obama's Transformation of America 32) Death by killing people, not COVID 33) BLM terrorist open fire on vehicles 34) AIM Cat Report 35) AIM Cat Report 36) Gross Overcount of Coronavirus 37) Americanism vs Communism 38) Change Words, Change the World 39) AIM We Are Pharmaceutical Slaves 40) Article - Covid-19 Does Not Exist 41) Do Face Masks Filter Viruses? 42) Trump Hands Democrats Enough Rope 43) Cat Report 44) Amusing Observations 45) Declare independence from tyranny 46) New law-No Singing In Church 47) AIM Cat Report