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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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Quantum Energetics Prosperity Training is a powerful trauma release program and success building process.  We either attract success or lack into our lives based on our core "beliefs" or energy patterns. Members and their families often have significant emotional and physical stress in their lives which affect their prosperity (peace, money, abundance, health, love, joy, happiness, etc.).  

The club provides members a teleconference program with certified professionals utilizing cutting edge Quantum Energetics to permanently release trapped stress in the body and promote prosperity.  This entire process is completed through telephone sessions from the comfort of your home, and can create immediate emotional wellness, trigger physical healing and make goal achievement automatic. 

The release is immediate and permanent, but since there are dozens of issues to resolve from a lifetime and many goals to achieve, an unlimited use program is provided for an entire year.  This program also includes sophisticated testing for all family members uncovering many hidden and harmful issues limiting our prosperity. 

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 David Testimonial


>>> MORE COMPASSION: I worked on a core issue with QE these past few sessions and I have been able to have more compassion for my dads choices and my emotions of anxiety and fear are less. I also have been using fear clear from biorenew that is helping too."  C.A.

>>> ALWAYS IMPROVING:“QE is always improving and evolving. This session was no exception. I enjoyed Creator's contribution with the different techniques. The golden sword cutting my dark threads in my life that no longer serve me was very helpful. The healing of the different body areas. I can now perform this on my own at anytime when needed.” D.W.

    >>> IN AWE: "Thank you so much Tom and Lois. The energy was so high that as I released I almost passed out. I saw black spots and became dizzy and weak from releasing these angers and tension...My emotional onion is definitely getting peeled away and pretty soon I will be able to stay in my heart and live in love. I am constantly in awe of my pre-life compared to my post QE life. I am not finished yet; however, I will be eternally grateful to having found Freedom Club and QE! I may sleep for a couple of days to recover from today's session.:)” D.A.

>>> GREAT RELEASE: QE is a great way to release my negative and traumatic emotions and replace them with positive and helpful emotions!"  D.W.

>>> GREAT SESSION: “Great session. Relaxed, at ease, I felt differently after this session and can't describe it."  G.W.

>>> FORGIVE & RECONNECT: I was reluctant to meet my 2 year old self, I have been seeing myself as flawed and weak. This helped me to forgive myself and reconnect. Thank you!"  M.S.

>>> STILL RELEASING: Learning more and more of how I got here, and why I am. Great release, bit more than 12 hours later, release still continues. Also received a download I am integrating at the same time. Thank You both."  R.B.

>>> SUPER HAPPY: Super happy. I would like to thank Tom & Lois and all from the Heavens for helping me get though all my lessens in life. May you all be blessed."  F.R.

>>> GRATEFUL & PEACEFUL: “There are times I wonder what and where I would be and doing if I hadn't found QE to release the angers, bitterness, hurts and intense fear that seemed to run my life. My emotional state/intensity seemed to have a mind of its own and I'm grateful I am now able to detach from these emotions and relax and be at peace. The growth and understanding from the insights and releases with Tom, Joanne and Lois are and have been life changing. I've been with QE since its inception and I will continue to use it to enlighten my soul so I can be about my soul purpose here on the earth plain.... Thank You. Facing these betrayals and abandonment issue is work and intense; however, so very necessary to my ascension." D.A.

>>> FELT UNUSUALLY WHOLE AFTER QE: BEFORE SESSION: "Shock, fear, horror & anger. Pain in my neck, pain in my right side, pronounced stiffness & pressure on the top of my head.” AFTER SESSION: "Feeling safe - secure & loved. I have love in my life. I feel joy. I have felt immediate energizing with a couple of releases after this one. I felt more tired and it took a couple of days to recover completely but I was patient with myself and by the 3rd day I felt unusually whole as a person. Relief, relaxed & lack of pain. Very pleased with the release...this has haunted me for a very long time... most of my life."  Anon

>>> THANK GOODNESS FOR QE: BEFORE SESSION: "Betrayal, hysteria, fear, anxiety, depression, unworthy, bitter & heavy heart. Tense shoulders & sick stomach.” AFTER SESSION: "Forgiveness, adored & honored. I am stronger than I know and can heal and change my own life. Exhausted after releasing all the pent up fear and bitterness. Sometimes this Earth school is a tough learn! I'm just beginning to accept the lessons for my own growth. Whew! But now I am actually seeing my own power and effectiveness. Thank goodness I've actually had these past 7 years with QE to "get it" ! Thanks Tom, Deb, Lois, Rick for your time and caring! Complete tired, exhausted, calm & Relief. Pealing this life/onion is work bringing relief and growth...Whew!" D. T.

>>> RELAXED & AWAKE: BEFORE SESSION: "Anger, unwanted, blame, grief, sadness & sorrow. Pressure in upper back, banding pressure around chest & pressure in upper body.” AFTER SESSION: "Adored, unconditionally loved, happy & joyful. I am loved, I am part of creator. Calmer. Thank you. Open, loving and Understanding. Thank you again." Anon

>>> RELAXED & AWAKE: BEFORE SESSION: "Anger, bitterness, sorrow & rage. Tired, tight & jittery.” AFTER SESSION: "Cherished, grateful, loved & great. A hug goes a long way. I am feeling excellent, relaxed, awake & alive. I love this stuff.” S.H.

>>> ALIVE & FREE: BEFORE SESSION: "Anger, fear, not loved & confused. Left shoulder sore. Tightness in middle back. Tired, pain in right wrist. The pain in right wrist then went to my fingers." AFTER SESSION: "I am loved, I am understood, I am alive & I am the light. It’s nice to be freed. All at once like starting an engine the inside of my body started to vibrate which lasted for about five minutes and then stopped as fast as it started. The pain in wrist and fingers went away. The tightness in middle back a lot less. Right shoulder feels much better. Another session and a few more steps closer to my Prime Creator. Thanks Tom and Lois." F.R.

>>> PEACEFUL & HAPPY: BEFORE SESSION: "Rejection, rage, unfair & loneliness. Pain in chest, tightness in stomach, heart. Sadness." AFTER SESSION: "Loved, protected & valued. It's up to me to value myself. More peaceful. Hard to face, harder still to pretend it didn't hurt. Glad to show it the light of day. Let the healing continue! Much lighter, peaceful & happy. Still clearing, but feeling better at this point.” R.B.

>>> MORE ENERGY & RELAXED: BEFORE SESSION: "Fear, anger, despair, disbelief, headaches, tightness in my neck & shoulder pain." AFTER SESSION: "Relief, feeling safe and secure, feeling loved. I are surrounded by people who love me. I cried and felt all that love warming me. Headache got worse then went away completely. Neck and shoulders turned warm then relaxed. Headaches stopped. Had all kinds of energy next day. Was exhausted that night and slept really well. I think I did it right that night because there was a real release.” E.B.

>>> CONFIDENT & PROTECTED: BEFORE SESSION: "Terror, helpless, despair, hopeless, heavy chest and heart. Neck pain. Shoulder pain." AFTER SESSION: "Capable, confident & protected. To forgive and love unconditionally! Whew! Tonight was a surprise heavy duty release that I wouldn't have guessed prior to QE! Thanks Tom, Lois and :) myself for just doing this and making terrific progress! May we all be Blessed!!

>>> RESPECTED & WORTHY: BEFORE SESSION: "Rage, bitterness, revenge, abandonment, unworthiness, unlovable. Headache, tightness in body & pain in right hip." AFTER SESSION: "Wanted, respected, worthy. I put my feelings in myself. It makes sense that if I put my feeling in myself, I can take those feelings out! I am truly more powerful than I had been taught! Pain leaving legs, calm, tired. Needing sleep to rejuvenate and repair. Thank you, Tom, for your honest education. We are in charge and it's time we woke up and accepted that reality and responsibility and moved forward toward health and ascension!"  D.A.

>>> RESPECTED & LOVED: BEFORE SESSION: "Abandoned, confused, shame & sad. Sore left shoulder. Tired & body feels heavy." AFTER SESSION: "I am respected, I am loved, I am joyful. Be aware of what I am doing at all times. Relaxed. I warmed up. The itchy parts of my body went away. Energy. It's nice to know that all that is going on with my body though the session is for the Greater Good." F.R.

>>> SHOULDER RELEASE: BEFORE SESSION: "Abandonment, anger, fear & disappointment. Some pain in left shoulder. Stiffness in left knee & tired." AFTER SESSION: "I am appreciated, blessed and forgiven. Learning to be more knowledgeable & peaceful. I feel I am more connected to all that is truth. Some energy going through my body. Much warner, feel lighter & awake. As I was writing in the effects after session there was a very loud snap in my left shoulder and it feels much, much more free."


Incredible Session

I Just wanted to Thank You for an incredible QE session.
Our 28 yr old son walked in as we were getting our water and I asked him if he wanted to join me. We did QE together and what an incredible session our lives will never be the same the tears were flowing , I too felt the world light up as Maitreya said.
Thank You all for the light you shine so bright and for the work you do for us, the universe and beyond. Walls were broken down tonight and a deep understanding
Thank You Again





I want to congratulate all three of you on such an uplifting and inspiring QE session tonight. I felt the world light up just like Clare mentioned during her meditation & healing affirmations. Tom, you were brilliant as usual and I feel very honored to have been a part of this history making QE session.... Joanne has also done an
excellent job and has been doing her homework with the ascended masters...

Thank you for sharing this with the members, the citizens of the world and myself...

I joined FCUSA 2 1/2 yrs ago. To be honest I was not thinking about anything but the funds that could help me get out of financial difficulty. After listening to the calls and Tom's urging to join QE for personal work and releasing the pain and letting go of the past and working toward spiritual developement. I HAD NO CLUE AS TO The Mayan calander and Mother's earths desire for ascension to the 5th denisity... After a couple QE calls and Tom's help in releasing personal issues, I find my life has been enhanced both mentally and physically.. Letting Go of deeply held negative beliefs and patterns in my past. Clare, our wonderful clasrivorait last week mentioned SURRENDER that really caught my attention. (Not giving up ) but SURRENDER is part of the solution and puts you on the fast track to clearing blocks and opening you to higher states of awareness. Surrender I feel ultimately is the path to the deepest states of SPIRITUALITY and awakening to the freedom of clear states of enlightened consciousness.. Amazingly through surrender the most stubborn and difficult obstacles are suddenly melting away. I thank the Devine Creator for leading me to FCUSA and the lessons I am learning daily to experience richest depths of love and beauty. Thank you FCUSA...

Blown Away 
I have so enjoyed the Wednesday night calls.  A couple of weeks ago, I went to the recorded past life call and was blown away!  I can not remember at this point what I was trying to "heal".  I remember that it was a relaxing experience.  To my astonishment, at one point in the process, I became aware that tears were streaming from my eyes.  I did not feel sorrow or pain...or any other identifiable emotion.  I do not remember what was being released.  It was so strange..but not in a bad way.  Evening calls are very difficult for me.  I usually need to keep my line muted because of the noises of children in the back ground...therefore, I am not able to get into the relaxed state that i need to be in to get the most out of the live calls.  It is nice to be able to access the recorded calls at five in the morning when there are no distractions ands interruptions. 

My thanks to you and Tom for your wonderful work!!!




7 Lifetimes Age - Gone 
QE was amazing last night! Exploring and healing past lives was awesome. Emotions relating to discouragement,disappointment, sorrow, saddness, anger and fear from 7 lifetimes ago simply vanished and I was left with a gift of compassion. WOW! I hope we do this again. I feel I am getting to the very root of some emotional blocks. I'm excited about doing QE in conjunction with the biorenew products I ordered.Thank you Tom and Joanne.

Compassion - WOW 
I have really been blessed by participating in QE this year. I must confess.I was on a few QE calls a couple of years ago and I'm sorry to say, I  felt like it did me no good and was a waste of my tiime. I guess I was not ready to receive and experience what was available to me. About 3 months ago, I felt in my spirit that it was time to revisit QE again and WOW! I am amazed at the positive results I am getting from QE since December! A couple of weeks ago I worked through an issues and it was resolved instantly! What is really exciting is that I am more positive, happy and good things are comming my way effortlessly. Doors that were previously closed are opening up! To top it off, I feel an even greater connection to God and more compassion towards people in general. Thank you QE, Tom and Joann. I look forward to my continued growth.

Anger Released
What a day it was Jan 15-2008, after I finished that call I feel so much relaxed and like a big heavy stone is removed from my chest in the form of stress,anger,hurt feeling,and that replace by unconditional love for first myself and everyone else.
First of all I forgive myself and then I forgive others.

Sorrow & Fear Gone


Just wanted to let you know I had another release from QE.  The first one I had was the QE call from about 2 weeks ago when I had the object leave my body and it was related to sorrow when I was 3.  The second from last Thursday was the fear of money.  I didn't release that until yesterday.  It was interesting as on Friday I was shuddering thinking of FCUSA and the fear of not getting funded.  Went to bed and when I got up on Saturday I felt ok, then later in the afternoon, it started again.  My body was about a 10 or better and I thought I should go online and do a clearing, but had my little grandsons here.  They left and I felt fine and am great now.  My fear dates back to an infant.
So thank you and Tom for the great work.


Re: Quantum Energetics
LAST NIGHT WAS AMAZING, I GOT RELEASED FROM THINGS THAT WERE EATING ON ME ALL MY LIFE!  Sorry about the all caps, Tom was in such a playful, happy mood it was fun!  Never heard him like that, maybe that means good news!  Anyway I just wanted to let you know i thoroghy enjoyed it.  i look forward to next week.
Have a great day!

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Our story is a little different from the others you might hear.  We have 2 cats who are about 8 years old, Jake and Maddie.  Jake became ill a couple of months ago.  He was vomiting, very weak and not eating.  On Valentine's Day, the vet told me he had kidney failure and probably would not survive because of the numbers on his kidney function tests.  My fiance and I talked it over and decided to do what we could to nurse him back to health.  My fiance suggested we call Tom to ask his advice about giving Jake some homeopathics.   While speaking with Tom, he did some energy work with us and with Jake.  Jake seemed to take to it immediately, rubbing his head on the phone while Tom was speaking.  Within 2 weeks, Jake was eating on his own again, running around and acting like our old Jake.  We took Jake back to the vet and had the kidney tests done again.  His BUN level was normal, and his creatinine was down to nearly normal.  The vet and his techs in the office were amazed by his recovery.  At first when we brought him in, they thought we had gotten a new cat.

Tom's energy, Quantum Energetics and BioRenew products helped Jake make an unbelievable recovery!  We can't thank you enough.

Rob and Kathy


"I had been suffering from laryngitis for approximately one month and after my emotional clearing my voice

I KNOW how much this work will benefit people! I have NEVER experienced anything quite like this!!!

Blessings, Beth


"One of my biggest issues was with relationships. I always had a problem with my mother and father being together and my father being abusive to my mother.

So that was a HUGE clearing for me. I'm very happy with the TeleClear program."



"After the 15 minutes with an issue and Tom asks us,'How we are doing?' 'How do we feel about the situation?' I often don't remember feels GREAT!!!!!"




"It's what happens between the sessions. As long as I listen, my body leads me all the way. You have to learn to listen and don't think those little hunches and ideas that flick through are senseless and meaningless, they are totally meaningful!"



"This program has thoroughly changed my life.

I know that I've grown 4 fold in what I was when I first met Tom. I know I have a lot of work to do in the universe and it's such a pleasure to be with this company that frees us up from all of our fears, our ills, our everything that we ever experienced that hurt our souls, it just peels them away in layers until you are laying bare to God and you can experience the pure love that He has so you can go to work."

Joyce B


"Thank you for enriching my life with the discovery of emotional healing!!!!"

A. T. 8/2004


"I am writing to gives thanks for the TeleClear process. At 38.5 years of age I have been on the path of healing and self-discovery now for 15 years. The catalyst for this path began with enormous emotional pain due to childhood incest, an alcoholic/rage-aholic step-dad and issues stemming from being an adoptee. Add to that the other stresses/traumas that life has to offer and you'll see why I began to seek inner peace all those years ago. After many breakthroughs and much progress I was still unfulfilled and filled with rage, despair and hopelessness.

After 2 sessions with Tom, I feel much lighter and freer and filled with enthusiasm for living my life! An ailment that has plagued me for 15 years is almost completely gone (irritable bowel syndrome)and I know I am finally getting to and clearing the source of all my woes.

Thank you Tom for this gift of LIFE!! I am so grateful to be clearing away all the stored traumas and pain from my living bio computer..! mind. I always knew the subconscious mind was the key; but no other techniques(and I've studied and practiced many for years) has been this efficacious in liberating me from self- sabotage, physical and emotional pain."

Thanks. Chris W.

came back along with many other wonderful things!! I have a sense of happiness and well being that I have NEVER experienced in my life! And much more energy! I cannot wait until my next session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Tom---


"Hello Tom!
"Wow, Last night was the best "QUALITY" sleep I have had in a long time, it was not a deep sleep just a restful sleep (if that makes sense) I did not wake up with all of the usual aches and pains. I knew during the Tele-A-Clear session some changes were taking place but I could not and can not put my finger on exactly what.
Thank you!"



"After a lifetime of struggling with money, abundance is flowing into my life using the process."

JS, California



"Just a note to let you know that after our session, I experienced such complete peace. I felt very much love around me and I actually felt much lighter in body and spirit. The next few days I laughed like I used to laugh at little things and I felt my heart soften towards situations and people who had hardened my heart."

God Bless, Virginia

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