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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 219 
Ascension 219 
Select One 1) Shadow Super Exopolitical Intel Report 2) Collapse of Venezuela - The natural result of government punishing productivity 3) Participating in Sen. Isakson's 6/11 Telephone Town Hall Meeting? 4) The Decay In America's Culture, Politics, Media And The Pulpits 5) Scientist being thrown in jail for discovering the truth 6) Still no amnesty agreement among House Republicans 7) NSA is a Big Part of Protecting the Q Team 8) Death of the Cabal Mainstream Media 9) PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER 10) Trudeau and Macron: Big Daddy Headed Your Way 11) MS-13 Gang: A Malicious, Malignant, Murderous Barbarity 12) Planet Alert June 2018 ~ by Mahala 13) Public School Teachers Cruelly Kill Animals In Front Of Class 14) AWESOME ~ THERAPY IN PICTURES 15) Pesticide found to be making Americans stupid 16) Please Help Me Stop This 17) "The Kim/Trump Summit" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) 18) Certain foods kill cancer cells better than chemo 19) Foundations On Sinking Sand 20) Beware of "Clean Label Project" junk science fraud 21) Our ads declare: MOST VOTERS WANT IMMIGRATION CUTS 22) States Are No Longer States Under The Constitution 23) Things are breaking wide open out in the swamp aka Washington, DC. 24) Sheldan Nidle Update~6-12-18~Many events are ready to manifest... 25) Where did the hatred for the Flag start? 26) Robert De Niro Involved in International Underage Prostitution Ring 27) To save America, Google must be defeated 28) Amnesty discharge petition slowed; House votes likely next week 29) RV/Intelligence Alert: "Air Force One" -- June 12, 2018 30) Unannounced Missile Launch on Whidbey Island? 31) Message from Jesus 32) Former Reagan Justice Department Prosecutor: Mueller's Credibility Declining 33) Benjamin Fulford - WOW 34) Banking: Gold Standard 35) Obama Engorgement 36) Gang of Eight LIVES AGAIN? Amnesty vote next week! 37) Biotech in panic as CRISPR gene editing found to cause cancer 38) FREE SEMINAR in MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 39) Here's what Ryan Amnesty would do -- Vote planned next week 40) Urgent salmonella alert for pumpkin seed protein 41) Trump: Can we text? 42) Paul Ryan's Indefensible Support For The Deep State 43) Battle to Same America 44) FCUSA "Watered-down IG Report Part of Alliance Plan" by Sierra (NZ) - 6.15.18 45) Zimbabwe to Transform itself into a Leading Tech Hub 46) "QAnon: Horrifying Evil and Corruption" by Sierra (NZ) - 6.15.18 47) The Social Security scam 48) The Enemy Amongst Us!! 49) An Open Letter To Chairman Kim 50) "Progressive" publishers lie about vaccines to protect Big Pharma

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