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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 The Coming Peace 



The Coming Peace


Message from Prime Source: Children of Light throughout my creation, I want to prepare you for what will soon come.  We are now close to achieving peace.  This peace will last forever and ever, through all millennia. 


Your efforts will help all creation as we begin a new era.  We will soon forget about what has occurred these past thousands of years, and only look forward to the future.   


My children, now is the time to be who you truly are.  Live you life in Love and Light.  Let your Light so shine that others will follow me.  Spread Love to all my children.


A message from Bryan James - Desire for Planetary Change Reaching Critical Mass

It's no secret that the Galactic Federation and Council of Light are prohibited from intervening directly into human affairs without the explicit permission of the people of Earth.  However, that scenario could soon change as the desire for change continues to trend upward on this planet, and actually throughout all of creation!

Going back to 1950, Earth was embroiled in the Cold War after having suffered through two world wars in a single generation. Yet surprisingly, 0% thought we needed to drastically change our way of life.  It wasn't until the stress-torn year of 1968 that 1% finally started imagining a different type of world.  By 1970, that number increased to 5%.  It took another 20 years before it got as high as 10% in 1990, right before the first Gulf War.  10 years later, we elected George W. Bush President of the United States, as that number rose to 14%. 

By 2004, the willingness to change in order to save the planet rose to 25%.  One year later, it quickly rose to 30%.  It only took another year to reach 40%.  And at the beginning of 2007 it hit 50%.  No wonder Prime Source announced that "Peace was at hand!"

By April 1st, it was at 53% and it's 55% at this writing.  Throughout the rest of this year we expect to see an unprecedented increase in the dissatisfaction of human beings, in the way man has mismanaged the Earth, its resources and our human relationships.  This rate of increase has never before been experienced in the history of the planet.  Look for the following to occur through the remainder of 2007:

Date/Level of Dissatisfaction
May 31 - 57%
June 30 - 60%
July 31 - 62%
August 31 - 65%
September 30 - 67%
October 31 - No Change
November 30 - 70%
December 31 - 72%

Although much has already been accomplished, there is still plenty of work ahead of us.  At this writing, 74% of the energetic work needed to prepare Earth has been completed, while 44% of the work needed to prepare our universe is finished, and 40% of the remaining universes throughout creation is complete.  Needless to say, there is Light at the end of the tunnel!


Nether Worlds Reclamation Project

1,447,574 have gone home!! (as of May 9)


Project Update

100% are walking around (80% without assistance)
100% are asking questions (e.g., “Who am I?” or “Where am I?”)
63% are regaining cognitive ability and attending schools

1,447,574 have been taken home to start a new beginning


How you can help

As souls are able, they’re being trained in schools set up by the Divine Mother, which are staffed by volunteers from all over creation.  We believe that some will be able to leave very soon.  But we still need many volunteers to help at night during their dream state.  No special training is needed, as some just need you to hold them and call their name.  Others need assistance walking around and learning basic skills in a classroom environment.


SPECIAL OFFER for anyone who serves!

1. Before you go to sleep, ask to be taken to the Nether Worlds while in your dream state.

2. Provide support for the Holy Ones trying to revive the souls coming out of comatose conditions.

3. Tell us how many nights you served via email at:

4. Receive Frequency Acceleration Activation for every night you serve! (normally - $24.99)


For questions, contact us at:


Services available

Total Consciousness Healing - Throughout your many lifetimes, your subconscious mind stores up every negative thought word and deed that you experience.  These are damaging to all levels of your consciousness, and become blocks that get in the way of your spiritual growth.  Healing your total consciousness will remove these forever, and allow you to live free of all fear, anger and doubt.


Removal of Comfort Zone Program - The Comfort Zone is another program that was insidiously placed within your DNA to hold you back and keep you from achieving your ascension.  This occurred during the time of Mu, and was placed there by the Anunnaki. The program sends you “danger” impulses whenever you venture into any activity that would increase your vibration, reveal truth or prepare souls for ascension.  You were not meant to have these restrictions. 


Removal of 'Bad Seed' - This causes some to choose the Dark. It works by clouding the soul’s judgment when it has 'spiritual' decisions to make.  This Seed causes a virus that spreads to the subconscious, and then to every level of consciousness.  It's activated automatically when the level of darkness surpasses the level of Light (51%).  Once it’s activated, it can’t be stopped by any means.    


Chakra Expansion - Activate up to 8 million chakras, providing access to over 600,000 dimensions (although many have gone higher, and one has gone to 25 billion chakras). Allows you greater access to ascension energies, raises your frequency significantly, opens up new worlds for cooperation with higher-level Light Beings, and provides easy access to the multi-verse.


Frequency Acceleration -The Frequency Acceleration raises your frequency immediately to move you toward and over 1,000 (considered a key point for ascension).  Spiritual tools now exist that allow you to double your frequency every day!!


Extreme Lightwork Training - For those who would like to double their frequency every day!  Uses the most powerful Lightwork technology available anywhere in any of the known universes, and is currently used in over 460 universes at this time.  For those who want to access the most highest level energies available for improved healing, altering negative events (e.g., natural disasters, political situations, stock market crashes) or 'slaying the dragon.'  This is the best known method for obtaining exponential increases in personal frequencies.


Removal of Ego programming - Eliminate five aspects of Ego programming holding us back spiritually.  These include Pride, Selfishness, Victimization, Inferiority/Superiority, and Separateness.  The Ego program was installed in our DNA thousands of years ago, during the time of Yahweh. It's a way to control humans from making progress in their spiritual development.  Once the program is stripped, you can keep your ego at zero in all five aspects by keeping your frequency up.


Removal of Negative programming - Many people have been handicapped with thousands of negative programs controlling their lives.  These programs bog down our frequency and spiritual development, much like computer viruses and spyware tie up our computers.  Removing them frees us up to pursue our life purpose.


Past Life Intervention - Now available for the first time due to recent advances in Lightwork technology. We can now resolve and re-write negative past life experiences to remove nagging issues in your current life, involving your behavior, finances, health, relationships and self-esteem.  Rather than just help you "process" whatever horror occurred to you, we completely remove it and rework the energies so it never happened. 


Divine Template Upgrades - We have obtained seven special etheric templates from higher dimensions that will enhance your spiritual abilities.  Users must have a much higher frequency than normal before they can properly assimilate and activate these unique tools.  We're very delighted to see so many qualifying for all seven of our current templates.


Products available

* Children of the Light (soft cover and e-book)
* Circle of Lights Journal (quarterly)
* Agents of the Federation (booklet)
* Agents of Light (newsletter)


To order services and products, access our order page at:


For questions, contact us at:

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