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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 You're Not Going Crazy 

You are not going CRAZY…. Just shifting!

HURRY.... Please pass this on.... and on... and on... No one gains from this but....   YOU!    US!    HUMANITY!

This is our MAGICAL 13th YEAR!
YOU ARE invited and encouraged to freely organize a Solar Wave Celebration
at Sunrise, March 21st, 2007, on any and all Sacred Places on the Planet.

Because YOU are the ONE... that can tip the balance back into the LIGHT ...
The one that can put an end to illusions ... The very one that can bring humanity back into the HEART!
Its no SECRET anymore ... YOU CAN... create the world that you want!

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Hang on... You are not going CRAZY… Your Just Shifting!

We are being strongly called to ACT on what we KNOW and not what we FEEL these days. Living in impeccability is getting hard to do when we feel like screaming. Yet all in all, deep inside I feel like I am being prepared for something. I am feeling pushed to get a lot of things done and to get myself ready for the next level on a physical basis... because I know the next spiritual level is on the way... and SOON. And I wonder.... how do we prepare for something we have never known before? But we know it is coming… and soon.

Many are complaining of ringing and pressure in the ears, and pressure chest and heart center, bad allergies, can't sleep and feel like you are on speed, and want to SCREEM! An intense feeling of not enough time seems to be prevalent yet not being able to focus and get anything done. We are seeing the evidence of a lot of weird crimes and flip outs, weird weather, strange accidents, and weird events in nature… like bees not coming back to the hive. Our bodies are already reacting to the pressure of this coming event. Nature is reacting also.

Things I have found that help me deal with intensities ….
Kava Kava - Theanine Serene - Hylands Nerve Tonic and our Shock, Trama and Change Essence Blend - Also our Psychic Protection and Calm Mind and Clarity Blend… found on our web site. Saunas… hikes… gardening… MUSIC… Five for Fighting's new song, "WORLD" … History starts NOW! John Meyer's Song "Waiting for the World to Change" Also get out side! Nature is one of the best balancer.
Things I have found that help me sleep… Zyflamend PM - Melatonin 5 mg - L-Tryptophan - Hylands Calms Forte - Herbal Medicine Deep Sleep… Sometimes I take them all at once. Then I Dream and Dream…

These are the most transformative days we have ever experienced to date … and it has been said - "we've ain't seen nothing yet!" It seems to me that the universe is pushing us to a bursting point in which we will be forced to unify, harmonize and be peaceful to simply survive. I guess we can traverse this shift peacefully, or try navigating it while kicking and screaming the entire way. Thus this is my inspiration and tenacity for getting the word out about the Solar Wave. And why I need YOUR HELP! If we get enough aware people on the planet to work with the powerful Equinox Solar Energies… we can travel through this shift… with a great deal of bliss and joy. As I have said many times. It is UP TO US! These are the days we will look back on, and understand it was a turning point that we shifted the entire planet back into LIGHT! So what are you waiting for? Huh? Let's create a MASTER PEACE! What kind of world do you want?

This is the last of seven new moons in a row to occur in the last degrees of the sign. Beginning with the solar eclipse at 29 degrees Virgo September 22, 2006, this extraordinary series of new moons competes with the solar eclipse at 28 degrees Pisces March 18th. The last degrees of a sign invite us to integrate the highest expression of that sign before moving on. We are reminded of how learning the lessons of one zodiac energy sets the stage for a more conscious unfoldment of the next set of zodiac lessons. Occurring two days before the spring equinox, the Pisces new moon signals a new beginning and a new way of life. A solar eclipse serves to expose and interrupt old programming and ways of thinking. With our limited ego tempered for a day, we are able to see how fear, judgment, resentments and the need to control prevent us from experiencing divinity in the world, each other and ourselves. We are invited to let go of anything that closes our mind and heart to our personal experience of the Infinite. The Pisces archetype represents the universal heart where unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness are the natural state of being. The Pisces new moon/solar eclipse opens the space for a spiritual awakening, where we can perceive reality beyond the illusion of duality, where we can connect with love beyond fear, where we can transcend the veil of separation and experience the inherent unity and divinity of all expressions of being. This new moon invites us to spend time with ourselves and to enter our inner space where we can experience that indeed we are not alone and that our oneness with all Creation delivers us into ecstatic contentment. ~ author unknown

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