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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 2006: A Year of Love 

Twelve Powers in You

2006: A Year of Love

Robert Knapp, MD


Lesson 3 - Love God & Love One Another

July 31, 2006


How are we light workers to deal with the ongoing hostilities in Israel and Lebanon? What carries the most weight and has the greatest power to bring peace to the Middle East? Given the daily carnage and suffering, especially of the innocents, how are we to keep the faith that peace is possible and at hand?


For the last twenty days, my most consistent guidance has been to center on and to persistently project the mantra Love God and Love One Another. Every time I find myself pulled to one judgment or another, to one potential solution or another, I always eventually come back to the realization that love is the key. Rather than focusing on particulars or specifics or details, I keep radiating and rebroadcasting love that eventually and inevitably will unlock the door of resistance to peace and harmony in the Middle East.


On July 26th, at our weekly meditation here at Mark-Age/I Am Nation, there was a strong infusion of light into my force field, especially in my heart charka. As this occurred, I felt a sense of divine communion with Jesus the Christ and other ascended masters in the higher planes. Then I was shown a vision of the entire Middle East before me. My heart center expanded to the point where it encompassed this entire region. In I Am or Christ consciousness, the Middle East was in my heart, and I was in the Middle East.


Then divine love flowed through me to everyone in the whole region. With this came the repeated decree: Love God and Love One Another. It did not matter what the grievance was, what country was involved, the degree of hatred or violence or vengeance, or whether someone was Arab or Israeli, Muslim or Jew or Christian. The way to bring healing and balance was to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor and your enemy as yourself. It was as cosmically simple as that. Prophets, way showers, leaders and teachers of all religions and philosophies had proclaimed and demonstrated this for millennia.


Five days later, when focusing on the Middle East in my morning meditation, I was shown an image of a dark crystallized structure emerging from the earth, like the tip of an iceberg. Slowly, the dark substance morphed into what looked like a sticky, black, oily mess that pressed against my force field, especially in my heart center, which then hurt. When I asked what this dark force was, I inwardly heard a single word:  denial. I took this to mean denial of love, denial that peace is possible, denial that each one is at fault to the degree that he or she does not love our Creator and all of His-Her creations. With this came the realization that this dark denial periodically had been causing me to feel upset, on edge, irritable, with some sleepless nights and disturbed dreams for the last few days. How could I not feel this way when the muck of the Middle East was in my heart? Not to mention my own muck.


What was the healing antidote to my heartache? I raised my light-filled hands and projected truth, love and peace into the dark mass of denial. It took time and powerful persistence, but eventually the black stuff dissolved and disappeared. On the horizon now was a growing golden light, which represented the peace and love of the upcoming Golden Age. Now I was at peace. Now I had greater faith that peace would flower in the Middle East, all in God's good time and way, to the degree to which everyone loved God and each other. Let there be love on Earth and let it begin with me.


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