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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 205 
Ascension 205 
Select One 1) Sheldan Nidle Update 12/19/17 2) The Core of Your Inner Sadness by Master Hilarion 3) Executive Order Serious Human Rights Abuse 4) EMPOWERING OUR GRID OF TRANSFIGURING DIVINE LOVE 5) 2017 End-of-Year Message from Roy Beck: We're ending Chain Migration 6) Major health warning about canola oil 7) No Amnesty in 2017! 8) Military Must Disarm And Disband FBI For High Treason 9) Trump/US Victory Over ISIS 10) History Made with Bill Signing in Rhode Island 11) A Christmas message from the Health Ranger 12) Christmas Cheer plus story of Rudolph 13) Now is the Only Time ~ Message from the Masters 14) The American Crisis Then And Today 15) Vaccinations are Classified with CDC as Poisons 16) "General Counsel to the US Treasury," by One of One - 12.25.17 17) Will Trump's Executive Order Seize George Soros Funds? 18) HR's predictions and forecast for 2018... important details 19) [VLOG] WHAT IS TRANSFIGURING DIVINE LOVE? 20) THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE TUESDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2017, INTEL ONLY 21) No one believes seniors 22) Remember when scientists told us the winters would keep getting warmer? 23) Science denialism reaches whole new level of insane 24) Latest Lunacy From The Swedish Government 25) Everyone's task is to be the Love that they are. ~ A Saul Message 26) Whispers from the future ~ A story of the Wing makers 27) Benjamin Fllford report and Kauaili's comments 28) Cancer treatments actually cause cancer... (and how to beat type-2 diabetes) 29) Last Chance in 2017: End Chain Migration and Visa Lottery 30) The Swamp Strikes Back: Destroys Roy Moore 31) Treason Charges Filed against 3 ex-presidents, 20 other elites for 9/11, Uranium One 32) A Year Of Spectacular Accomplishments For President Trump 33) Some thoughts & laughs 34) 21 SITES For Your BUCKET LIST of MUST-SEE Locations in Your LIFETIME! 35) Only in America 36) SpaceX Target Launch of Iridium-4 from Space 37) Take On the ET Truth Embargo 38) JANUARY SUPER FULL MOON OR WOLF MOON 39) Entering 2018 With Gratitude To God And Trump 40) Are you really ready for 2018? My list of 20 things that could erupt 41) Trump Executive Order targets Deep State & Opens Door to Full Disclosure 42) Calif. pot smokers inhaling pesticides, heavy metals and solvents 43) DELTA FORCE RAIDS OBAMA STRONGHOLD IN THAILAND 44) Sheldan Nidle Jan 2, 2018 45) Ascended Master Saint Germain's 2018 New Year Message 46) JUST A FEW QUESTIONS 47) Message from Count Saint Germain for January 1, 2018 48) The top ten really big science lies of 2018 (all in advance) 49) Trump right to END Chain Migration, most voters say 50) FDA 2018 Rampage

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