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By Dr. Carolyn Dean

June 19, 2005

The U.S. Delegation to Codex has just issued a formal
written statement to the Codex Alimentarius Commission
that the United States, during the July 4-9, 2005,
meeting in Rome, will support compulsory rules created
by this international organization directly overruling
U.S. law regarding access to vitamins.

The U.S. law that is about to be vanquished is the
Dietary Supplement, Health and Education Act of 1994.
Codex is a joint venture between the United Nation’s
World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture
Organization. (WHO/FAO) The World Trade Organization
(WTO) has already stated that it will enforce Codex
“guidelines” as the world standard for trade in
dietary supplements. This will mean that gradually,
pill-by-pill, our access to the dietary supplements we
depend on will disappear.

For those not familiar with the Dietary Supplement
Health and Education Act of 1994, it was passed
because 2.5 million ordinary citizens wanted to make
sure dietary supplements such as herbs, vitamins,
minerals and other food-based supplements could stay
on the over-the-counter market. Movement to create
this law, known as DSHEA, started when a 1992 FDA task
force published a report announcing the FDA’s desire
to remove these products from the shelves as they
represented a “disincentive for patented drug

Immediately following this announcement, millions of
Americans learned about how famed vitamin doctor,
Jonathan Wright’s patient-filled medical office was
raided the same month by nearly two-dozen gun-toting,
flak-jacketed FDA agents in the name of regulating
supplements. Battering down an unlocked office door,
these agents, backed by burly sheriff’s department
deputies, lined up staff and patients against the
wall, pulled IVs from patients arms in middle of
treatments, confiscated patient records, took the hard
drive from the office computer all because Dr.
Jonathan Wright was using nutritional supplements to
heal very sick people who could not get help from
standard allopathic medical care.

As the story developed, it turned out that this
Gestapo-style raid was standard operating procedure
for the FDA and as the general public became aware of
just how many doctors’ offices, manufacturing
companies, distributors and health food stores had
been assaulted by similar raids, the horror of all
this forged a mighty health freedom army that resulted
in unanimous passage of DSHEA.

The idea of the law was two-fold:

1. DSHEA was to make a clear distinction between FOOD,
which is considered generally safe and did not need to
have permission from the FDA to be allowed on the
market and DRUGS, which are generally toxic,
potentially deadly and in need of lengthy evaluation
before they were available to the public under
prescription from a doctor.

2. DSHEA provides the FDA with plenty of legal
authority to remove herbs or dietary supplements from
the market providing the agency has plenty of REAL
evidence of REAL harm to the public. The FDA also has
the authority to limit the amount of a supplement to
low levels IF the agency has plenty of REAL evidence
to prove higher levels ARE ACTUALLY dangerous.

The FDA and its Big Pharma backers have never liked
DSHEA because these products and the related natural
healing arts services often related to them are
putting the allopathic drug/surgical/chemical medical
industry to shame.

In my book, Death by Modern Medicine, using the
allopathic medical industry’s own official reports,
I document how 784,000 people die every year in the
American medical system while following doctors’
orders in a highly-regulated allopathic system. The
proof that dietary supplements and the practitioners
who promote them are safe and work as expected is
evidenced everywhere. Studies conducted all over the
world have shown that supplements are actually safer
than food and there is simply no hard evidence to show
there is ANY risk factor worthy of discussion, much
less needing universal “risk assessment”.

Yet, the U.S. Delegation, along with its Big Pharma
backers are bound and determined that Codex force
“risk analysis assessments” upon the American
dietary supplement industry so they can bypass the
expressed will of the American people.

The REAL reason for promotion of “risk assessment”
is based on two agendas. First, to be able to strip
the over-the-counter marketplace of everything but low
quality, low dose-level products that won’t do much
to support or improve health. Second, to set up the
framework to allow Big Pharma to take over the
supplement market as a new form of drugs where prices
can be jacked up outrageously and doled out by doctors
for a fee.

UNDERSTAND THIS: If you do not ACT NOW, you and
everyone you love, will be condemned to living under
an international law that denies your basic right to
maintain your health. WITHOUT HEALTH, YOU HAVE NO


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© 2005 - Dr. Carolyn Dean - All Rights Reserved

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Dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor, naturopathic
doctor, herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, as
well as a powerful health activist fighting for health
freedom as president of Friends of Freedom
International. Dr. Dean is the author of over a dozen
health books, the latest of which is "Death By
Modern Medicine".

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