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Mother Earth is extremely important to us. She is the sacred vessel that contains the singularity that gave birth to our galaxy. She and she alone holds within her the Light energy stargate that sustains all the realities which make up our galaxy.


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 Ascension 136 
Ascension 136 
Select One 1 Benjamin Fulford 2 5D Perceptions 3 Cobra 4 Poof 5 AA Michael *** 6 best dream 7 500 year old forest 8 SaLuSa 9 3D world 10 David Wilcock 11 Hilarion 12 Sheldan Nidle 13 New Earth Times 14 Matthew 15 Galactic Heart Meditation 16 Archangel Gabriel 17 Mike Quinsey 18 equinox, eclipse, and wave X 19 Message from Jesus 20 New Earth Times 21 Sheldan Nidle 22 Equinox, Eclipse and Wave X 23 Matt Kahn 24 Matt Kahn Energy update 25 Equinox, Eclipse and Wave X 26 Sheldan Nidle 27 Jesus 28 Suzanne Lie 29 Total Lunar Eclipse