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Saturday, November 25 2006

November 25, 2006

Year End Donation Appeal

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By Dan Pilla, Sr.

We want to thank the many people who have believed in and supported the mission of the We The People organization.

It has been a trying, but exciting year as we have moved closer to a declaration by the High Court of our Rights and the Government's obligations under the Petition Clause of the First Amendment.

Our civic education and civic actions continue to arouse interest and gain support from the People, many more of whom are beginning to understand the true meaning of the Petition Clause and its power to hold Government accountable to letter and spirit of each provision of the Constitution.

Just as discontent breeds change, change breeds discontent. The Government is not happy with our activities and is doing what it can to chill the enthusiasm of people to associate with us. The Government has a vested interest in the status quo. Our Government does not want to be held accountable. No government does.

The battle for Liberty continues - as it must.

Faced with a shrinking window of opportunity within which to defeat the despots who threaten our
Liberty, this Foundation -- your Foundation -- is more in need of your support and commitment than ever.

The good news is that our work is making progress.  The growing attacks by the Government are clear evidence of our continuing advancement toward our goals of restoring Constitutional Order and securing Liberty for our posterity.

Despite the government's best efforts to shut this organization down, cripple its support base and halt the flow of damaging information emanating from our public communications, educational activism and federal litigation, we are still here -- fighting strongly and successfully.


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